Saturday, May 1, 2010

Yassis! Yassis!

As we strolled along the row of small waterfront restaurants,we were reminded of why it was worth two days travel to get here. This small port town is as enchanting as the first time we visited last year.  We decided to try the place we had stayed and liked so well, Hotel Stavris. We found the two fellows who run the place and oversee its operation (while keeping up with the activities in the town) seated at the same table and chairs in the courtyard as where they had been last year when we left.  Joel asked if they had availability and one furroughed his brow, looked at me and stated/asked, "You were here before?!" We said we had been. "I remember," he said, giving me one of the biggest bear hug welcomes and repeating, "Yassis! Yassis!" (Hello, Hello). 

Of course they had a room for us; they keep one back for repeat visitors they said.  As soon as we were settled in to our spacious room with wrap around view deck for 35E per night, yes, that is about $50 US per night we were invited to join the boys for a welcome drink.

Our second stop was at our favorite bakery (in the world) proved equally as memorable.  Run by Marcos and his wife Niki, it is filled with pastries and breads and jars of famous Crete honey.  We had barely stepped inside when Niki looked up, called out, "You are back!!  Welcome, Welcome!"  Again we were wrapped in bear hugs and 'had' to try several new cookies that have been introduced since we last stopped in. 

Dinner was at our favorite restaurant along the waterfront, Delfini, where again we were remembered. . .and by the way, we stayed for only three days the last time we were here.  As we sipped the raki they serve guests at the end of each meal, I said that three days were simply not long enough. . .in fact I am not sure Joel will get me to leave when the time comes.

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  1. Sounds wonderful -- there can't be many places in the world that are more friendly.


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