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Saturday, May 15, 2010

On the road in Symi

Fellow blogger, Adriana Schum, who introduced us to this lovely island through her blog (listed on our blog log) reports that the weather here is above normal and that visitors and cats are looking for shade.  She's correct.  The temperature is 30C - read that, hot!  (We are not complaining -- just making note of it.)

We rented a car yesterday to explore this tiny island which has one primary road and several others that aren't quite the size of roads as we know them in the US but they took us to spectacular locations all the same. First trick was threading our way past the centuries old buildings that line the harbor. . .you time it so that you don't meet the island's one bus coming the opposite direction or you are the one to back up on these narrow stretches.

Then we were up, way up among the pine tries. . .in all fairness many stretches of the roadway did have guardrails. . .and others like this, didn't.  I will show you where this road took us. . .in tomorrow's post, but as Adriana so aptly said, I am heading out now for shade or air conditioning!


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