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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Taste of “Pineapple Island”

If you have been following our stay in Hawaii on Facebook, you’ve undoubtedly seen a number of versions of this photo:

KO2014 002

KO2014 008If not, let me introduce you to the rum-based drink called the Mai Tai.

On FB I’ve done my best to show you how this tropical temptation calls out from tall and short glass- and plastic-ware; some versions served as a frozen concoction and others ‘on the rocks’.

And yes, in order to show you so many versions, we’ve ‘had’ to consume that many versions as well.

While each has been slightly different, their common trait is that pineapple wedge clinging to the side of the glass.

Really, those pineapples are everywhere. Wedges adorn drinks and the fruit and juice are integral to ever so many tasty dishes served here ~ it really does  symbolize the place.

The pineapple actually holds a significant place in Hawaiian history and economic development as well. James Drummond Dole, arrived in Hawaii in 1899 and believing he could turn pineapple into a viable agricultural product. The following year he planted the first 61 acres of the crop on O’ahu to prove his point.

Soon thereafter he built Dole cannery and. . .

KO2014 002

. . . as they say, the rest is history. In 1922 he bought an island to have enough land for the additional 20,000 acres of pineapples he was to plant.  He purchased the island of Lana’i, near Molokai and Maui. It was commonly known as Pineapple Island, during the nearly 70 years it produced 75% of the world’s supply of pineapple.

KO2014 003

By the late 20th Century pineapple production in Hawaii had slowed and the island of Lana’i  began a slow transition from pineapple production to low-keyed tourism.

Two Four Seasons Resort properties have opened there, joining the 11-room Lanai Inn in offering overnight accommodations. Oracle founder billionaire Larry Ellison bought the entire island two years ago and has announced some interesting plans for it.

KO2014 001

While we’ve sampled plenty of pineapple during our travels in Hawaii, we’ve never yet had a taste of “Pineapple Island.” This year we’ve decided  it was time to change that!

Maui2014SF 059

We’ll be heading to that small island, (seen at sunset from Maui in the photo above) just 18 miles and a ferry ride from Lahaina, Maui on Sunday.

(Pssst. . ..It is also where The Scout will be celebrating his . . .ahem. . .well, rather big, significant birthday.)

Maui2014SF 056Come along as Hula Babe and Beach Boy explore Lana’i next week!

And as always, mahalo for the time you spent with us today!

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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Hula Babe and Beach Boy Head to Hawaii

Hula Babe and Beach Boy, clad in tee-shirts, shorts and flip-flops, are back in Hawaii!

sweet aloha 004

If you’ve been with us at TravelnWrite for the last few years, you know that this is our tropical season – the time we head to Hawaii -- and that’s our nom de blog while living in the Land of Aloha.  (Hey, if  Ree Drummond can be Pioneer Woman, we certainly qualify as Hula Babe and Beach Boy!)

sweet aloha 008We’ve settled into our Ko Olina timeshare ‘playhouse’ on the island of O’ahu.

It is here we will  be living during the next few weeks.

Lucky for us several friends need temporary quarters while we are here so we have a built-in cadre of house-sitters back in the Northwest.

“But how can you be gone so long?” “Don’t you get homesick?”   So many of our Pacific Northwest friends have asked that I decided yesterday to answer those questions by use of photos:

KirkHono2014 034

This would be the fog-shrouded Seattle Tacoma airport Friday morning as we taxied for takeoff. . .nice view, huh? (It looked like that all over the Puget Sound.)

KirkHono2014 039

It cleared a bit as we flew over the Washington State coastline.

KirkHono2014 040About five hours into the flight, as we were finishing the complimentary MaiTais  . . .

. . .the view out the window improved. . .

Honolulu was coming into view. . .

KirkHono2014 042

And then came Ko Olina and O’ahu’s Barber Point as the plane banked to land at the Honolulu Airport.

KirkHono2014 048

The three tall white buildings and the four lagoons to the center/left of the photo are Marriott’s Beach Club Vacation villas. I am writing this from our condo in that complex. 

This is the view looking out the window here:
KOandSeattle 006

Guess that answers those questions!

While we are here, we hope to make some new island discoveries. . .have any tips for us? Out of the way restaurants? Beaches? Must see or do? Tell us about your favorites in the comment section below or by sending a quick email!

We’ll be ‘booking it’ to the beach next week so do come back to explore some ‘novel destinations'!  And mahalo for your visit today!!!
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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Aloha Honolulu!

Hula Babe and Beach Boy are heading back to Hawaii!  That would be us – and our nom de plume, okay, nom de blog -- during those winter weeks when we frolic under swaying palms and a tropical sun with a renewed, near rampant, enthusiasm for life.


We do feel younger and more carefree in Hawaii.  From the first sniff of the tuber rose and plumeria leis at the airport, we are enveloped in a magical spirit – the Spirit of Aloha, perhaps - that seems to feed both the body and the soul. And it never lessens, instead, it only gets stronger with each passing year.

DSCF0014It’s a shift in attitude that doesn’t require consumption of coconut juices or alcohol-laced mai tais (although quite yummy); papaya mask facials or yoga. . .the mind simply switches gears in Hawaii.

‘Life is Good’, as the tee-shirts proclaim.  If you’ve ever been there, you know what I am saying, and if not you should give it a try one day.

Our Waikiki stay will be in the shadow of Diamond Head’s 760-foot punchbowl crater pictured below, at the Aqua Lotus Hotel, (formerly the W Hotel) near Kapi’olani Park on O’ahu’s Gold Coast. 

And because we are so close, maybe we’ll finally climb the trail along the top of Diamond Head’s crater this trip. . .

Map picture

DSCF0085The first ‘big trip’ I ever took was to Honolulu way back in 1979 when a good friend who was living in Guam and I met  in Honolulu.  I was swept up by Waikiki’s Spirit of Aloha on that trip  and unbeknownst to me at the time, Joel and his buddies were making similar discoveries about the same time. As a result, the place just keeps drawing us back.

So put on your Aloha shirt or grass hula skirt, grab a tropical drink and join us. . . Hula Babe’s and Beach Boy’s adventures are about to begin . . .Aloha!

So, what about you?  Have you visited a place and been caught up in its spirit?

Thursday, January 20, 2011

It's Hula Babe and Beach Boy Back Again!

Watching Waves - Ko Olina
Yes, in a matter of days the tales of Hula Babe (that would be me) and Beach Boy (that would be Joel) and their annual sun and sand adventures in Hawaii return, undoubtedly, a highly anticipated event -- LOL here --  for you regular readers.

BTW, I christened us Hula Babe and Beach Boy last year, after visiting Pioneer Woman, a phenomenally popular blog written by a woman who no more looks like a Pioneer Woman to me, than I believe I look like a Hula Babe.

But if she can be a pioneer woman,  I can be . . well, let's say for a short period of time I will  throw caution to the wind.  Every so often we '50- and 60-somethings' should remind ourselves we aren't as old as those numbers sound! 

And don't you find that when you travel, you re-invent yourself as you go along? 

You can be an adventurer, explorer, food critic, a wilderness trekker or a grand lady or gent. When you don't pack your normal customs and routines of 'how it's done back home';  you have plenty of room to explore and absorb your new surroundings and to re-invent yourself for at least a short period of time.

Hula Babe and Beach Boy are heading to their 'home away from home,' Ko Olina, a 642 acre development on Oahu's western shore.  In coming posts we will tell you all about what's new:  like Aulani, the new Disney resort at Ko Olina, and the new Marriott Edition Hotel on Waikiki beach; old favorites like 'our' sea turtle who frolicked in the waves with us last year. And of course how well our Diet to Go, is going.

So, grab your shades, and sun tan lotion . . .and come along.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Hula Babe and Beach Boy

Thursday afternoon marked the end of our first two weeks on O'ahu. We had spent the afternoon first at poolside and then at the lagoon beach reading and sunning. We raced back to the room to grab a brewskie and return to beachside for sunset when I remembered I had some not-yet-done dinner prep work to do. And yes, this photo was sunset.

I checked my watch and realized I had been wearing it for sometime upside down; the 6 where the 12 should be. . .you get the idea. Then as I was chopping garlic I had a second realization that I was preparing dinner in my swimsuit; but after a while on an island it seems quite normal for both culinary swim wear and upside down watches.

A few weeks ago my cousin directed me to a blog site of a woman who calls herself Pioneer Woman. I decided that we too could have different, more appropriate names for ourselves while writing from the tropics. So for the week that remains -- we will be Hula Babe and Beach Boy.

Hula Babe quit putting on eyeliner the second day in Honolulu, the mascara was left somewhat far behind a week or so ago and lipstick, ha, lipsticks in various shades haven't come out of the cosmetics bags. Sun screen and lip gloss are beauty products of choice. Beach Boy simply strips off the shirt and puts on the shades anytime he nears sand which is most of the time during the waking day.

We moved today to the larger one-bedroom unit, a snap of a move that now has us facing the ocean -a perfect place to watch for whales. Yesterday they frolicked for hours in the water in front of the lagoon, we are hoping for their return today. With that the upside down watch says it is beach time. . .aloha!


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