About Us

Wallowa Lake Lodge,
Joseph, Oregon 2009
We are celebrating our first decade of Travelnwrite the blog! Beginning back in July 2009, we began writing it as a means to keep in touch with family, it has evolved into its present format with hundreds of regular readers in more than 120 countries. 

Using a play on words – ‘travel and write’ (what we do) and ‘travelin’ right’ (how we do it) – we take you with us introducing you to people we meet, places we go and deals that we’ve found.

Carnival Cruise off Cabo San Lucas
Mexico, 2012
If you are passionate about travel - the sensory overload it causes, the emotions it stirs, the fortitude it sometimes builds and the doors it opens - our blog is for you.

Profession to Passion

More than a dozen years ago, we quit our ‘8– to –5’ professions; Joel (The Scout) was an attorney and I (The Scribe) was a former newspaper reporter-turned-public relations director. It took several years of preparation but travel passions. We left the workaday world behind - long before 'retirement' age -- and set out to explore the world.

Lisbon, Portugal
 We've logged thousands of air miles, crossed numerous oceans and traveled many roadways in various countries.  That flight though from Seattle to anywhere was becoming tedious.  We decided we needed another launch pad. It was time to. . .

Take the Leap - Becoming ExPats

If someone had told us back when I began the blog that in 2017 we'd sell our home of 30 years in the U.S. Pacific Northwest and move to our Stone House on the Hill (purchased in 2014) in Greece's Peloponnese, I am sure we would have laughed off the idea.  But those travel gods work in strange and wonderful ways. . .here we are: ex pats living in Greece!

The Scout and The Scribe with Residence Permits

So TravelnWrite has become both a story of our expat adventures and travel on 'the other side of the pond' where we are now card-carrying residents.  We hope to entertain armchair travelers and inspire others to pack their bags and follow their dreams.

Travelnwrite 10 years later - July 2019

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