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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Buzzing around Crete

It is fitting that we are 'buzzing' around Crete in a car the size and color of a bumblebee. . .we decided that using me as a gauge was a good way of illustrating our little car.  It is amazingly spacious inside and has great gas mileage; important here, because gasoline is about $8.50US a gallon.
We drove up a serpentine strip of highway yesterday to reach Anapoli, a village on a high plain at the base of the Lefka Ori (White Mountains), the peaks here reach some 8,000 feet.  The town is surrounded by olive groves and great expanses of barren lands.  Goat and sheep bells blend with doves coo-cooing and the trill call of the scops owl.

We crossed this tressel and iron bridge that spans AradenaGorge.  Hikers wind their way down into the gorge and then hike several miles to reach the sea - we prefer the car even with a ribbon of hairpin turns.  You can see the gorge's depth in the space between the tressels; last year we walked across it because I wasn't sure it would hold a car. . .this year we crossed right after a large passenger bus crossed!

We had a table with a view when we had lunch in Anapoli. The lady who runs the place had lived many years in New York City; they returned to the village because her husband was from here.  Now 16 years later she says, the change was real difficult for her the first few years.
This fellow was sunning himself along side the road and enjoying the view of the sea.


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