Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Wire-less wonderfland

Since leaving Hora Sfakia, we've arrived at our second wonderland along the Lybian Sea on the south coast of Crete and while both have been spectacularly beautiful, remote villages, they are true 'wire-less' wonderlands. . .they are so tucked away below towering peaks that there is no internet.  We have wound our way skywards up a hillside some 12 kilometers  to find a funny little internet cafe tucked away on the second floor, above one of the town's cafes. 

We are also far removed from the political turmoil of Athens. Yesterday's civiil servants strikes there shut down air traffic control and ferries; our neighbors returning to their home in Europe are hoping to leave today but we've all agreed that if you must be stranded somewhere, this is the place to be.  Life continues here with a slow rythmic pace that seems to mimic the slow rythmic waves that brush the shore only footsteps from our door.

Photos and longer descriptions will return to the blog after we become wired again. . . that is, if we can pry ourselves away from the villiage and head to a larger city. 

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