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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Bora Bora: There’s nothing to see ‘that way’. . .or is there?

The inspiration for this post came from a fellow cruise passenger who, as he approached us during our stop at the island of Bora Bora, called out,

“I walked a ways that way and there’s nothing to see.

He didn’t know that we’d just returned from ‘that way’. In fact, we’d been walking ‘that way’ for a couple of hours. . .because we had found so much ‘to see’.

We’d headed ‘that way’ from the local bank, a lattice-trimmed wood-frame building – much more inviting than those concrete boxes that house banks at home. The Scout used the cash machine and then showed me the wondrous currency that looked more like art than money.

PicMonkey Collage

In the open field next to the bank, we encountered the two munchkins who were featured in an earlier post, The Boys of Bora Bora. (click the link if you missed their tale).


A bit further ‘that way’ we watched a dog either guarding the boat or having canine South Pacific daydreams, perhaps?


Heading ‘that way’ we passed some of the most amazing fences: woven lattice-work and black lava rock were so much more interesting than the wooden panels we use in the Pacific Northwest.

PicMonkey Collage
DSCF1200 When we saw the sign for the  Bora Bora VHF 69 Yacht Club, we decided to go explore it and found ourselves  in a setting that was so South- Pacific-perfect that it could have been a movie-set.

It was one of our highlights heading ‘that way’. . .


Every so often we stopped just to admire our ship, the Celebrity Solstice, anchored out in the harbor – again, a scene so stunning it could have been a scene from a movie.


We treated ourselves to a morning cappuccino at a restaurant we happened upon ‘that way,’ and were treated to an impromptu floor show when the fishermen arrived with the daily catch.


And then past an enterprising resident’s produce stand; the colors so vibrant I had to take a photo.


DSCF0396We walked until the sun had burned us to a crisp and forced us to finally head back.

(Note: even with hats, sunglasses and sun screen the South Pacific sun is relentless). 

This is how this sunbaked twosome looked at the end of that day. . .sometimes sunburns are the price we pay when we set off ‘that way’ to see what there really is to see.

That’s it for this week’s TravelnWrite’s Tale from the South Pacific. Now check out Travel Photo Thursday at Budget Travelers Sandbox and the photo essays on Travel World Online for more armchair travels.  We have more to tell you about our dozen days at sea as well our enchanted evening and a tender tale. . .
Come back soon – and bring some friends with you.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Suffering from ‘traveler’s – not writer’s – block’

Have you ever suffered from ‘Traveler’s block’? 

Its symptoms are brought on by taking a fabulous trip through lands (and waters) that were previously unknown to you and then, after returning home, when you are trying to tell others what you’ve seen and experienced, your memories are so jammed into your head that it’s a struggle to get them out in some semblance of order.  

The ship's navigational map kept track of us
Our month-long trip slicing through the South Pacific was so sensory stimulating that we both admitted we were looking forward to that bottom-busting 17 hour flight home, simply to decompress and get those memories in order. Two weeks later we still are suffering ‘traveler’s block’.

I took pages of notes and hundreds of photos of places and people that I want to introduce to you. (Please, don’t unsubscribe. . .I promise not to overwhelm you!)

And I’ve started at least five posts, but can’t decide what to tell you first. . .

So today I decided to give you a sample of what is to come in future posts:

Hula class, anyone?  Just one of the activities offered on board

How to Savor – not just survive – long days at sea. We had 12 days at sea on this cruise; that means days where the only thing we saw from morning to night were endless stretches of the Pacific Ocean. No birds, no planes, no boats, no sea life. Just sea and sky.

Just the thought of that makes some uncomfortable and those folks probably shouldn’t sign up for a repositioning cruise that crosses the Pacific or Atlantic Oceans.

The reality is there were so many activities offered that you couldn’t keep up with them or yourself. Each day they began at 6 a.m. and ended after midnight.

By Invitation Only Champagne Party . . .why were we there? You'll have to stay tuned.

By Invitation Only:  We will take you to some of the events we attended on board that were ‘by invitation only’ like a sail-away-from-Hawaii cocktail party held on the normally off-limits helicopter landing pad.

The beauty of Bora Bora was evident from every spot on the island

The Islands of the South Pacific: I’ve concluded that when God made heaven, he spilled some drops in the process. . .those are now islands in the South Pacific.  The magnitude of the beauty of the islands and their residents is difficult to capture in printed word and photo – but I will give it a try.

We will go back to Russell, New Zealand - in the Bay of Islands

The surprises:  We had both places and people surprises along the way. Places, like New Zealand’s Bay of Islands, a place that we’d likely never have picked out of a destination list on our own, but that charmed the pants right off of us!

And people, well,. . . we had some surprises. More on that soon.

Sydney, Australia

Sydney and the Land Down Under!  I was the ambivalent one when it came to Sydney and Australia. . .yes, it would be nice to go there, but it fell in the ‘someday’ category on my bucket list.  Well, I can tell you that after five nights in Sydney, I am ready to return – soon! The iconic Opera House and Bridge but the tip of the iceberg on wonderful experiences to be had in this art- and fashion-filled city with a population of millions (4.57 in 2010)

We know your time is in demand and we appreciate that you spend some of it with us. We hope our tales will inspire you and our tips will help you save some money when planning your trips.

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Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Boys of Bora Bora

Some of our favorite travel moments are those that you’ll never find highlighted in tourist brochures. They are those spontaneous happenings that capture your heart ‘just because’.

Such was the case of The Boys of Bora Bora

southpacific2013 023

I’d noticed the twosome heading towards the water while The Scout was collecting some Polynesian French Francs from a cash machine outside the small wood-frame bank that serves the area. (The local currency, pictured above, is colorful array of miniature artworks.)

southpacific2013 024 

We also headed towards the water after the cash machine stop and the two little explorers must have decided that we, well, at least The Scout, was pretty interesting. First one and then the other cautiously approached him.

And then they decided to stick with him:

southpacific2013 025

“Hello!” “Bon Jour!” he tried, but the two wee ones neither spoke nor understood English or the commonly spoken French language.  They spoke Polynesian. . .but that communication snag didn’t stop them.  They chattered up a storm and The Scout resorted to gesturing towards the Solstice ship to explain from where we had come.

southpacific2013 026

We’ll remember these two and our brief time with them long after we’ve forgotten sights pointed out to us on our island tour that took place later in the day. But that’s really the way it should be, isn’t it?


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