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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

‘Wind-blown’ Crete: And for 25-euros a night. . .

Some are uncomfortable with our ‘go where the winds blow us’ approach to travel.  They say that a reservation in hand gives them security and structure – they want to know where they will spend the next night and the direction they are headed when they set out on that long stretch of empty road. 

Sfakia2Amster2013 255

We like to throw structure to the same winds that set our direction. We don’t want to know when we set out each morning what our destination will be, instead, wanting the option to stay at some enchanting place that we’ve happened upon along the way. That’s why our off-season travels work so well– availability is high, rates are low. 

One such day in Crete comes to mind. . .a day the winds blew us along a route that followed the island's southern coast. And at a point between the tiny villages of Mirthios and Mariou, both on a sweeping hillside above the larger coastal town of Plakias (pictured below) we found our destination.

Sfakia2Amster2013 239

We’d stopped at a taverna to check the menu ‘for later’ just in case we stayed in the area and while there, asked about nearby accommodations. The employee didn’t miss a beat, saying, “Stay at my mom’s place just down the road.”  Off we went, brochure in hand, headed to one of the most delightful stays of our month-long trip. . .

Sfakia2Amster2013 257

His mom’s place, Gallinas Apartments, sat like an iconic -- but lonesome, in this early spring season -- blue and white palace on a hillside, about five minutes from the villages, a few minutes  further from Plakias.

Sfakia2Amster2013 240

Our room was spotless – and enormous! And it cost 25-euros or about $32USD a night.

Sfakia2Amster2013 241

Sfakia2Amster2013 246The kitchen, had microwave, fridge, coffee pot (coffee, filters and sugar provided) as well as hot water pot and tea bags. Coffee mug, tea cups, cutlery, cookware and table settings – everything we could possibly need. And our hostess left a plate of cookies, another of candy, fresh flowers and a bottle of raki on the table to welcome us.

But it was the wraparound deck and the view that stretched from it out over the olive groves to the sea that had us fantasizing about staying for a month or more:

Sfakia2Amster2013 242

Sfakia2Amster2013 243

But sadly we were at the end of our Greek travels so had but a night to spend at this fittingly, wind-swept hillside, location. We didn’t stay long enough to use that nicely appointed kitchen because . . .we ‘had’ to return to that restaurant we’d stopped at earlier.

It was the Taverna Panorama in Mirthios where we feasted on live music and good food (that’s a veggie meze plate to the left and apple slices drizzled with honey to the right). One of the best Greek tavernas we’ve visited – and one worth another visit one day.

PicMonkey Collage

Once again those winds had set our direction and blown us straight into another great experience.

That’s it for this week’s Travel Photo Thursday. Head on over to Nancie’s Budget Travelers Sandbox for more armchair travels today.

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