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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Travel Tidbits from Saturday's Satchel

Satchels are small bags, some with over the shoulder straps, that make for great places to put the small stuff, your travel tidbits.  So this week we introduce Saturday Satchel, brief tidbits from the Travelnwrite satchel:
  • Travelnwrite turned two in June. Now, 300 posts later,we send a big 'shout out' (that's techno speak for "Thank You") to those of you in 50 states and 83 countries who've "joined us"on our journeys.
  • Last week Travelnwrite -- in honor of its second birthday-- got a new look.  Those of you who get TnW posts by email should take a peak at Travelnwrite.
  • More changes are in store including the addition of: Saturday's Satchel and Washington Wednesdays to the line up of summer posts.
  • We've expanded our travel tales and tips into the micro-blogging world of Twitter . You can follow us: @Travelnwrite
  • I was one of 25 travel bloggers at the TBEX (Travel Bloggers Exchange) conference in Vancouver, B.C. invited to submit a travel tidbit (it's #14) to BTW, although Evelyn Hammond's site is focused on solo woman travel, the tips are useful for all travelers.
  • A review we wrote about our Madrid apartment appeared this week on They added some great photos to it, so take a peek at our Spanish digs.
  • If you've got a travel tip, lesson learned, or recommendation you want to share, in a future Saturday's Satchel, send it to us at: or simply write a comment below.


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