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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Traveling in to the Techno World

By our own admission we are first, travelers, and in my case, then a writer.  We are eager to explore the world.  The one world that we've been hesitant to enter is the world of technology.  The day the first post successfully appeared on this blog I thought I had attained the highest of technology skills (that should tell you why we call ourselves 'techno dinos' in reference to the dinosaur age).  And thanks to several fellow bloggers out there who've so willingly shared tips with me, the blog is slowly evolving.

As the posts multiplied we have been encouraged to add Twitter and Facebook as yet more destinations in this brave new world we've entered.  So, never one to miss a stop along the way, I've started accounts on both.  You can find us on both as 'Travelnwrite'

I am still not sure how I got us there, nor where we go from there. But there we are. I encourage you to add us to those you follow or fan or friend or tweet or read or write or whatever. . .


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