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Sunday, September 16, 2012

WAWeekend: Central Washington Agritourism

You don’t need to travel to Europe for a taste of agritourism.  If you are hankering for a stay similar to those European countryside getaways, there’s one to be had only a few hours from Seattle.

Marcia and Kyle Green and their daughters Roslyn and Abigail, all who’ve worked to make the Cashmere Cider Mill a going concern have doubled their efforts and created an agritourism destination in the heart of Washington State. 

We first visited the Cashmere Cider Mill, tucked away in Woodring Canyon just outside the town of Cashmere, a year ago. Returning this summer as part of a hosted travel writers tour we had a real taste of how the place has expanded.

The Cider Mill Guest Suites, of which there are two (each with en suite bathroom) occupy the second-floor of a remodeled and updated 1910 farm house. The downstairs has a full living room and kitchen.

CashmereVictoriaBC 016

The expansive views from the house look out over the Mill’s picnic grounds in one direction and have a territorial view out over the orchards looking the other direction.

CashmereVictoriaBC 017

What’s Cooking at the Mill?

Marcia offers culinary classes out at the Mill year-round although most of them are between May and November,when locally-grown ingredients are at their peak. 

CashmereVictoriaBC 019

She cooked up a sample of the types of meals prepared in the classes for our visiting group.  Sometimes photos tell the story better than words.

CashmereVictoriaBC 015I had to show you the simple, but delightful table decorations -- empty cider bottles, fresh flowers from the garden and grape vines and leaves.

But to get back to the food. . .

CashmereVictoriaBC 021Need I tell you this tasty little fresh blueberry morsel, cooked in a cast iron frying pan, won the hearts (and stomachs) of all?

If You Go:

Map picture

Cashmere is less than 2.5 hours drive from Seattle via I-90 and Highway 97A. The nearest airport is Pangborn Field in Wenatchee.

Cider Mill Accommodations: Cider Mill Guest Suites and another property, Canyon Hideaway,are open year-round.You can arrange for a number of activities from kayaking the smooth waters of the nature preserves in the summer to snowshoeing  through the orchards in the winter.

A welcome bottle of gourmet cider is included in the rental.  (If you want more adult beverages, bring it with you. Better yet, buy some of the local wines at the tasting rooms in Mission Square in Cashmere.)

(If you want more than just an overnight stay, more comprehensive packages are available, such as providing breakfast, lunch and dinner, excursions to the fields, farms and orchards and agricultural workshops.)

Culinary Classes: You don’t need to be an overnight guest to take a culinary class.  They are offered year round.

For directions, hours of operation, to reserve a stay or schedule a class: 
Mission Creek Cider Mill and Guest Suites, 5420 Woodring Canyon Road.,  866-459-9614,

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Washington Weekend: A Cashmere Sampler

DSCF0271We sampled Cashmere – home of the world-famous Aplets and Cotlets fruit candy - on a recent trip to Eastern Washington.

This visit provided a bigger slice of the hospitality and warmth found in this tiny town tucked away in the orchard lands of Central Washington than we’d had on previous stops. 

As a result, we are ready to go back real soon.

CashmereVictoriaBC 089A stop in Cashmere, (population 3,100+) located along the Wenatchee River, feels like entering a Norman Rockwell painting.

Along its Cottage Avenue, we strolled past late 19th and early 20th century bungalow-Craftsman homes with flowering gardens bordered by picket fences, wide porches, arched doorways and windows. Fifty-one of them make up a historic district listed in the National Register of Historic Places. 

CashmereVictoriaBC 090Cashmere’s history dates back to 1860 when a Catholic Mission was established along a nearby creek to serve the Indians of the area. The town that grew up was named Mission.  It  continued to be called Mission until 1904 when  -- and here’s where the stories differ – either a  founding father went to India and came back saying this town reminded him of Kashmir or . . .

. . .as explains, “Judge James Harvey Chase (1831-1928) suggested the name Cashmere from a popular and sentimental poem, “Lalla Rookh,” by Sir Thomas Moore, extolling the mountainous beauty of the Vale of Kashmir in Himalayan India. The judge had once been a teacher of elocution, famed for his public readings, and no doubt this poem was part of his repertoire.”

CashmereVictoriaBC 010Mission Avenue, a block from Cottage Avenue, is home to Liberty Orchards (makers of Aplets and Cotlets) factory/store and to Mission Square, 207 Mission Avenue.

This renovated fruit packing house is home to more than 30 businesses including several winery tasting rooms, a spirit distillery, a coffee and gelato shop, tavern and in the basement we discovered the delightful workshop and showroom of a furniture-from-wine-barrel maker. (that's one of his tables is pictured here).

If  You Go:
From Seattle driving time is about 2 ½ hours. Either head east over Highway 2 via Stevens Pass or over Interstate 90 and Highway 97 (Blewett Pass).

Map picture

Village Inn Motel, 229 Cottage Avenue, near the historic cottages and an easy walk to Mission Square. 21 guest rooms. 509-782-3522.

CashmereVictoriaBC 016Mission Creek Cider Mill and Guest Suites, 5420 Woodring Canyon Road. Two rooms in a renovated 1910 house overlooking an orchard, 866-459-9614,

Information about the area:
Cashmere Chamber of Commerce, 509-782-7404 or
Wenatchee Valley Visitors Bureau, 800-572-7753 or

Some ideas for you:
CashmereVictoriaBC 086
The Cashmere Museum and Pioneer Village, 600 Cotlets Way.

Liberty Orchards, 117 Mission Ave. Free factory tours daily.


Mission Creek Cider Mill and Guest Suites, 5420 Woodring Canyon Road. Cider tastings. Snack bar. Cooking classes.

Mission Square: Among the businesses housed in this renovated 1937 pear packing house are:

Snapdragon Coffee Shop and Gelato – home of “Snappy Hour” a take on Happy Hour drinks but all made with juices or coffees; non-alcoholic (
It's Five O'Clock Somewhere (
The Waterville Winery (
Crayelle Cellars (
Horan Estates Winery (
Dutch John Wines (
Devil's Gulch Drinkery (
Wine Design, custom wine barrel products, (

Photos: In order: Aplets and Cotlets factory (free tours are available to the public), street scenes of Cashmere, table from a wine barrel in the entry of Mission Square, Mission Creek Cider Mill, Pioneer Village at the Museum, Mission Creek Cider bottles.

Note:  We have visited Cashmere several times in the last few years.  But thanks go to Marcia Janke at the Wenatchee Valley Visitors Bureau and Marcia Green of the Cashmere Cider Mill and SnapDragon Coffee for setting up the tour and tasting at Mission Square that we took in July.


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