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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Arizona and Japan

The view from our friends' Tucson home is spectacular. We've spent many hours since our Friday afternoon arrival sitting outside and soaking in the view of the vast sweeping mountain range in the distance. 

However the serenity that the vista inspires has been shattered by our repeated trips indoors to watch the horror taking place in Japan. We are stunned to see how our friends across the Pacific  are struggling with unimaginable situations.

The blogosphere has made the world smaller and we know a large number of our readers live in Japan. For that reason, our report on the road trip through Arizona will resume later - today it is important to simply remind those in Japan that you are in the thoughts and prayers of millions just like us around the world. 

And to other readers who want to help but don't know how to do so.  Repeatedly we have heard on news reports that donations - money - to the Red Cross or Doctors without Borders are two good ways of being a part of the rescue effort. Simply click the links to access their web sites.


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