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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

That autumn day in Dubrovnik. . .

“Those who seek paradise
        should come to Dubrovnik. . .”

said George Bernard Shaw, who is also credited with labeling this city as being “the pearl of the Adriatic”.

SilhouettePt22012 013 
We would heartily agree with Shaw on both counts and we’ve just scratched the city’s surface! 

SilhouettePt22012 054

But, thanks to the wonders of cruising, we’ve visited this town ---on the other side of the world -- twice in the last decade; our most recent visit a day trip last fall. As with most day-trippers, on each visit we headed directly to the old Walled City:

SilhouettePt22012 030

And much like our first visit, we went straight to the stairway that led to the top of the wall (this time, however, there was a ticket booth and entry fee). The wall at 4 – 6 meters wide and 2 kilometer (1.24 mile) long envelops the old city in a continuing protective embrace that has lasted through the decades.

SilhouettePt22012 029

But the wall wasn’t enough to protect the old town from the destruction caused by a late 20th Century conflict -- a part of the seven-month siege that began in Oct. 1991 after Croatia and Slovenia  (once a part of Yugoslavia) – declared their independence.  One of the worst battles resulted in 19 deaths and 60 injuries.

SilhouettePt22012 042

More than 56% of the buildings were damaged during the conflict and there were some 650 artillery hits within the old walled city. On our first visit here the new roofs were  a striking contrast to the old; this last visit, thanks to weather and time, the new roofs had become less visible.

SilhouettePt22012 017

The views, the history and the beauty from atop  that old wall will forever be stored among our special travel memories:

SilhouettePt22012 006

SilhouettePt22012 031

SilhouettePt22012 015

SilhouettePt22012 032

Have you been to Dubrovnik? What is your special memory of this ‘pearl’?

That’s it for this week’s Travel Photo Thursday. Check out Budget Travelers Sandbox for more armchair travels. We appreciate the time you spend with us and hope to see you again. . .real soon!


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