Thursday, October 21, 2010

999 Steps Up the Wall

The Venetian Fortress towers over Nafplion, another reminder of the time the area was under their rule. Its thick wall provided protection from invaders but these days the gates are open and the invaders come in the form of tourists.

                   Stairway to the fortress
There are two ways to get to the fortress:  by vehicle or on foot. On foot means a climb up 999 stairs that zig-zag up the face of the cliff that I have pictured at the start of this post.  Yes, we walked. 999 up and 999 down. . .and that just got us to the fortress, then we climbed more steps and ramps that criss-cross the interior and lead to jaw-dropping views. Tourist information varied, one place said 850 stairs and others said 999 - I counted. The bigger number is correct.

We did it with several 'breathing stops' on the way up. People who suffer vertigo might not want to make the climb, but then they shouldn't be going to the fortress if they don't like heights.. I have to be truthful and add that we both had wobbly knees by the time we returned to the roadway at the base of the cliff.

Each time we do something like this we comment that it is 'pretty good for people our ages'.  That brag was tempered by a man we met heading up as we were heading down.  The elderly white-haired man (much older than us) was dressed in slacks, dress shirt, sweater vest, jacket and used a cane.  "Bon Jour, Madam" he called out to me as I passed.


  1. where are the pics from the fortress? :)

  2. I'd love to be posting more pics, unfortunately Google Blogger has cut me off allowing only one photo per post. After our return, I will delve into that perplexing problem. Stay tuned. I'll simply have to post more :)


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