Saturday, April 20, 2013

Kalimera from Kardamyli

Good Morning from Kardamyli, the town which is our home away from home for the next few days.

The photo below is of our deck and a portion of the view we have from it. That’s the top of a fig tree you see and a small lemon tree grows below it at water’s edge.

We are in a small studio with kitchenette and more cooking tools and flatware than I’ll ever use. (Cutting fresh cheeses, slicing vine-ripened tomatoes and fresh bread from the bakery doesn’t require much more than a knife and plate.) The cost is 40-euro a night, about $52 US.

Mani 022

Our ‘home’ as we call it, is just ‘around the bend’, (the point you see in the photo below),  from Patrick Leigh Fermor’s former home.  He’s the writer of many books about his travels through Europe, and this part of Greece, The Mani. ~ He loved this place in the Peloponnese  so much that  he and his wife lived the last half of their lives here.

Mani 042

Another writer, David Mason, wrote a memoir about his time also living here, for a time a neighbor of Fermor’s.  His book, “News from the Village” is a must read for lovers of this area. I wrote him before our trip and asked for any recommendations he might have for us in this town that is said to be one of the seven cities offered to Achilles by Agamemnon.

Mani 027

He responded to my questions and I’ve quoted several times since our arrival the sentence with which he closed his email to me: “In honest truth, no matter where you go, you will not go wrong. Beauty is everywhere.” 


  1. Oooh!! Starting to get jealous!! ;) It all looks so perfect...

  2. I would love to stay there too. What a view! Unfortunately, I can't afford it :D

  3. The whole area is called Messiniaki Mani. It's also called Proseliaki Mani, meaning the part of Mani wich is under the sun *(helios). The other part of Manis is called Aposkeri *(under shadow).

    1. You obviously know the Mani and I suspect you love it as we have come to as well. We traveled into and across what is known as the "deep" or "inner" Mani and then spent time in the outer Mani as well. Thanks for commenting, hope you'll continue to do so!


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