Thursday, March 29, 2012

Los Colores de Cabo ~ The Colors of Cabo

We are sailing the Carnival Spirit towards the United States on this Travel Photo Thursday.  We’ve spent two days at Cabo San Lucas on the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula. 

It was our first- but now, definitely not our last — trip  to this area that we’ve dubbed “Scottsdale by the Sea” because the leather-brown landscape and surrounding hills remind us of Arizona.

Cabo’s colors livened the muted desert tans:

carnival spirit 022

This corner in the Marina flea market doubled as an ‘internet cafe’and a souvenir shop.

carnival spirit 033

Even the trees were in bloom; blossoms in bright orange intensified against a cloudless blue sky.

carnival spirit 032

Cafe table clothes and chairs were fiestas of brilliant colors
carnival spirit 037    Fushia colored bougainvilla blossoms lined driveways and filled pots along the sprawling marina.

For more photos from around the world, visit Budget Travelers Sandbox, the host of Travel Photo Thursday. And I’ll have more cruise tales coming in future posts.


  1. Love the strong colours especially in my world of white, grey an blue right now.

  2. I completely agree - the colours are just popping off my computer screen. Behind my computer screen (outside my office window) it is grey, and overcast and getting ready to snow one last time before spring arrives!

  3. Are you on the same cruise as Caz & Craig Makepeace (yTravelBlog)? Very cool photos -- love those colors of Cabo!

  4. Oh, Jackie, I'm so jealous! Love the photo of the bright chairs and tablecloths, and the bougainvilla too. I can't wait to hear more about your cruise :-)

  5. I love Cabo! We've been there twice during cruise port stops too. These colors are fantastic especially the chairs. Though, I've never heard of it being compared to Arizona. How interesting!

  6. Cabo is a pretty city - we have been several times- I love all the colors you found!

    Have a great weekend! Would love to have you link up with us over at R We There Yet Mom's Friday Daydreamin' if you have a chance!

    1. I would have loved to join you on Friday but I was on the road all day and not near the computer. . .next week I will though. Thanks for the invite!

  7. Everything there looks so bright and colorful. Love the flowers especially. Never seen any as bright as that!

  8. Wonderful shots. I spent 10 days in Cabo 17 years ago, and loved every moment. I've always said that I will go back, but have not make it yet.

  9. Bright colors, the antidote to the "leather-brown landscape." Love color!
    It was so colorful in the internet cafe, I was wondering how you'd know what it was. Looked again and saw the people.


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