Thursday, March 22, 2012

TP Thursday: A Blooming Good Trip!

We had such a blooming good time on our trip last spring to Madrid, London and Paris that I decided to create a bouquet of memories today:


High above us on the side streets of Madrid, flowers cascaded over the railings of even the narrowest of balconies.


Parks were tapestries scattered throughout Madrid; their designs created by endless beds of red roses.


It felt as if we were staying in London’s Chelsea Flower Show each time we entered our Chancery Court Hotel.   The pungent peonies filled the lobby with a springtime aromatherapy.  (As well as providing inspiration:  “Why it’s simply flower stems and candles mixed. . .why couldn’t I do that at home?”)


It seemed all of London was in bloom – even the bench in the hotel’s courtyard.


A cold, blustery wind swirled street dust during our too-brief overnight stay in Paris. Despite the harsh chill that cut through our coats, balcony blooms reminded us that it really was springtime in Paris.



When someone asks, “But, . . .is there anything to see there?”  these are the images that come to mind. What every day images are in your bouquet of memories?

It is Travel Photo Thursday and there’s a lot of places to see in the world by just clicking this link to Budget Travelers Sandbox and see where our fellow travelers are this week. been.


  1. Very pretty. I get a definite spring feeling :)

  2. Banish winter with colorful flowers. Just beautiful.

  3. I love the balconies all over Europe that are festooned with flowers and wish we did more of that in North America. I'm looking out at 2 inches of fresh snow today so it's a pleasant reminder to see these photos and know that spring really isn't that far off.

  4. Nice shots. I always look for flowers in window boxes when I'm traveling.

  5. Spring had indeed sprung. Yes, quite common to see flowers everywhere, in cities big and small, in most European cities.

  6. Great way to welcome Spring by posting these photos. I especially like the peonies in the Chancery Court's lobby. Very nice touch. I enjoy taking photos of flowers when I travel, too. They're pretty and they're pleasant reminders.

  7. You know me and my flowers! I love all of these. I want to go back to Madrid (and Spain) when the flowers are blooming.

  8. Thanks for your comments; hopefully my email responses (a new addition to the blog) reached each of you. And thanks to those who Google + the post. Happy Spring, hope flowers are, or will soon be blooming in your parts of the world.


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