Thursday, March 1, 2012

TP Thursday: A Spanish Food and Wine Fest

Food and wine. What’s a trip without them?
In Spain, a country known for its many festivals, we created our own food and drink fest everywhere we traveled last year.

In Madrid:  A trip to our favorite Cervecerias, Los Gatos on Calle Jesus, 2., phone: 914 29 3067) became an almost nightly ritual during our week-long stay. 

Our dinners – tapas and pintxos --were often eaten standing at the wine barrel table under the watchful eye of  “Satchmo” Louis Armstrong and next to a tribute to bullfighting that included a matador’s pink cape.



In Osuna:  We followed the suggestions of our hotel owner and visited Casa Curro, at Plazuela Salitre, 5, phone 955-820-758 where we found a dizzing array of choices ….. all in Spanish which made our dining a fun adventure.




Another night ate at Meson del Duque on Plaza de la Duquesa, 2, phone 95-482-2845 where we let the staff choose for us and were delighted with the culinary artistry. This dish in the shape of bull horns is battered and deep-friend shrimp served in a special dipping sauce. This place was so incredibly good we may go back just to eat there!


In Barcelona:  When not eating food, one of our favorite past times was looking at displays of it.  And one of our newly-discovered favorite places to do that was the Santa Caterina Market  (Avinguda de Francesc Cambo, 16) a few blocks from the Gothic Cathedral.   Its undulating roof is a mosaic made up of 325,000 Spanish tiles. (It isn’t the more well-known market on Las Ramblas.)


I’ll close with a toast to Spanish Cava. It’s  Spain’s version of  champagne; a bubbly glass of happiness. There’s no better restorative for sightseeing sensory overload than a tall flute of it served with a side of salted Spanish Marcona almonds.


Have any tapa favorites in Spain?  Where do we find them?  And remember, it's Travel Photo Thursday so serve yourself a helping of some great destinations and photos by visiting Budget Travelers Sandbox. 


  1. Well, I certainly am hungry now! Thanks for the glimpse of your favorites!

  2. Looks like a lot of fun, quirky places. Now I want tapas :) And a glass of wine!

  3. Yummy. But of all the things I loved about Spain--I did NOT like standing to eat (or paying extra to sit!)

    1. We had every intention of doing the 'tapeo' just sipping a wine, eating a tapa and moving on so we didn't ever think about a table. But then after an hour when we were still at the same place, the thought did cross my mind.

  4. Must be overdue for lunch because this made me hungry

  5. Love a glass of Cava - but found it interesting that once we were out of Barcelona it was hard to buy in a restaurant.

    Very cool chairs in one of the top photos.
    Enjoyed the bowls of olives set out with most drinks.

  6. I've never been to Spain but I think that the food is one of the reasons that I want to go! Looks fabulous!

  7. Cava? Now you're talking! I always have a few bottles on hand.
    Love the shrimp dish -- very creative chef.

  8. You sound like my kind of travelers. Food + wine in fabulous places = perfect! Can't wait to get to Spain -- will take your suggestions of places to try.

  9. Loved the Spanish markets and restaurants and overall atmosphere. Although, we only managed to visit Madrid and Segovia, I'll definitely add these to my Spain list. The shrimp dish in the shape of bull horns is cool!

    1. We didn't make it to Segovia while in Madrid, but it is on my list for next time

  10. Love new recommendations in familiar cities. Los Gatos looks wonderfully maximalist!

  11. Love Spanish food and drink. I will have to put these on my list for the next time I am in Spain!

  12. Gorgeous food photos! I wish i was better at taking food photography, but i'm usually too busy eating! I want to go to that market too!

  13. What a delightful post! I'm noting down every one of these for future reference. Thanks for sharing!


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