Thursday, September 29, 2011

TP Thursday: That moment in Crete

That moment.

We all have them in our travels; that one particular moment -- the scene -- that comes instantly to mind when you think of a particular place you’ve visited. I captured that moment on Crete during our trip there last year.

It was afternoon in Loutro, a small village on Crete’s southern shore. We’d taken a walk on the town’s main ‘thoroughfare’ – a sidewalk that looped from the ferry dock bisecting the dining decks of handful of restaurants, and display areas of stores that ring the crescent shaped shore on which it is located.
 crete 2010 043Loutro, can only be reached on foot or by boat. This boat was one of three or four in the harbor that afternoon. The ferry had departed, the day's hustle and bustle had ended. The sunlight cutting through the crystal clear water as it lapped against the shore turning rocks below into mosaics was mesmerizing.

Notes: Click to enlarge the photo.
If you want more about our Loutro visits, follow this link:
The link above the photo takes you to the official Loutro site, where accommodations for 2012 are advertised as starting from 12E a person, per night!

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  1. very nice!!! I always have one favourite photo from each trip, one which captures a magical moment

  2. That water is so clear! It's a beautiful shot!

  3. Stunning shot! There's nothing like a boat and water.

  4. That is one of those "Why am I not in Greece right this minute?" pictures. I'm homesick.


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