Saturday, June 8, 2013

WAWeekend: Heavenly!

While airplanes aren’t my favorite mode of transportation, I have to admit that they provide a ‘heavenly’ view of the world. . .especially when flying over Washington State. 

Just last week en route to Arizona we passed one of our state's ‘purple mountain majesties’ as the song says. . .this one, Mt. Rainier:

scottsdale2013 002 
And within minutes of passing that state icon we were reminded of the size and beauty of the winding Columbia River and the song we sang as children, “roll on Columbia, roll on. . . “:

scottsdale2013 004

Do you have a favorite 'heavenly' view?


  1. Lovely views from up high. Some favourite memories of mine are flying across the middle of Australia. It was all brown, but with long meandering rivers in places. Then there's flying from Santiago to Buenos Aires. Miles of Andes peaks to cross, which is just spectacular.

  2. I am the world's worst white knuckler when it comes to flying - at least take-off and landings, but I do love those views from above -- I always imagine it being the view from heaven. . .


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