Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Travel Tip Tuesday: Do-It-Yourself Room Service

There is nothing we like better when traveling than to sip that first cup of morning coffee in bed or while sitting on the deck enjoying the view from our room.  Just grabbing a few more minutes of lazy relaxation is a perfect start to a day.

GreecePt12013 079

On our recent trip to Greece that’s how we pretty much started each day. At the Hotel Manessi in Poros, Greece we were up early to watch the waterfront come to life each morning – cup of coffee in hand.

Pt1Crete2013 074Most of the places we stayed in didn’t have room service options but they had something even better: a pot in which to boil water, cups, saucers and spoons.

We were at the Corelli Suites in Elounda, Crete when I took the photo below and to the right.

Pt1Crete2013 110

Not only was this do-it-yourself room service convenient, it also saved us a couple hundred dollars over the course of our month-long stay.

Sfakia2Amster2013 364Good coffee – no longer just the Nescafe powered stuff – can be found in upscale coffee bars throughout Greece. In the places we visited, the cost was about $2US a cup for coffee and  $3US for a cappuccino.

Don’t get me wrong, we did visit any number of those coffee houses for a java jolt in the afternoon, like the one pictured above in Heraklion, Crete, but morning was the time for ‘home brew’.

Doing Do-It-Yourself Room Service

We brought a pound of Starbucks ground coffee, the individual filter holder and filters in our suitcase.  As we used the coffee and filters, it made room in the suitcase for souvenirs like honey and spices. We did replenish the Starbucks (yes, Starbucks has come to some places in Greece) but bought a smaller quantity to use up before our return.

Arizona Spring 2012 147Note:  When we take road trips that begin in Kirkland, I always stick our hotpot and two cups into the car.  Two years ago, while staying at an upscale Vegas hotel, that didn’t offer in-room coffee, we saved having to dress and go to the coffee shop (where two coffees were $10US) by simply using our do-it-yourself room service pack.
Do you use do-it-yourself room service?  If so, what tips do you have for us on this Travel Tip Tuesday?  Please add a comment below or shoot us an email and we will make sure we publish them in a future post.


  1. A very relevant topic for travellers, Jackie. I never go away anywhere without my small travel electric kettle that I've had for several years now. That and some small emergency snack supply for the morning, before heading out of the room.

    1. Yes, I always have a 'breakfast bar' or two tucked away in the bag to snack on. Thanks for stopping by Andrew!

  2. Great idea. We've always taken a French press pot when we've gone to one place for a while, but not when just traveling around. Do you have a small, light brand you can recommend.

    1. Like the French press pot idea, Tom! If you are referring to the pot we take, I purchased a cheap ($10 - $15) Proctor Silex hot water pot at our neighborhood Bartell's drug store. I had responses on FB yesterday as well with suggestions about the coffee cones that don't require filters, so you might look at it: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Travelnwrite/149872638426421

  3. I love do-it-yourself moments like this. :-) Yes! I love making things in my room - soup in a hot pot, tea/coffee, opening a bottle of wine. It feels so comfy, quiet, private and lovely. :-)

    1. Oh yes, not only do we like do it ourselves room service, but Happy Hour as well. Cheers!

  4. Sometimes that room is a lovely refuge, isn't it? We commented on that while in Amsterdam as sometimes we just needed to let our sensors rest a bit during our explorations and a picnic lunch in the room did just that.

  5. Sipping the morning coffee enjoying the beautiful view sounds so relaxing. Just how a holiday should be.


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