Wednesday, October 17, 2012

TP Thursday: A cruise kaleidoscope

Here we are in Bari, Italy nearly midway through the Celebrity cruise that is taking us from Rome to Venice and into autumn in Europe. We’ve had a  kaleidoscope of experiences since setting sail; so many that I couldn’t think of a single topic on which to focus this Travel Photo Thursday. Sometimes travel is like that - it jumbles the mind.

So think of this post as a kaleidoscope of our last week:

silhouettept1 013

Napoli:  Birth place of Sophia Loren and pizza!

silhouettept1 046

Catania, Sicily: The Duomo was just one of the many historic sites we visited on this day when we logged 11 miles on the pedometer. Actually, 10 or 11 miles a day is becoming the norm for this trip.

silhouettept1 057

Valletta, Malta:  Watching the sun rise over this ancient city was magic, simply, pure magic. So much so, that we've vowed to return and spend much more than a single day here.

silhouettept1 066

Whew!  A day at sea to rest our senses before heading to Corfu, Greece and up the Adriatic for the last half of the cruise.

 I saved one of our favorite photos to end today’s post:

After all, we know that Italy is at the center of the fashion world, right? This fellow was in a Napoli store window – I couldn’t resist closing this post with him.

silhouettept1 009

Ciao for now!  It’s Travel Photo Thursday so head over to Budget Travelers Sandbox for more travel photos. 

And a note of thanks to those of you who responded so positively to the last post:  Thank you so much for reposting on your FB pages, your tweets , Google + and all the other nice accolades.  They were most appreciated. And it is great to have so many new blogosphere friends.


  1. Oh my, you are killing me with that pizza! And of course, the last photo made me smile...
    Enjoy your cruise! It sounds like a dream...

  2. You've had some fabulous stops on your cruise. Catania and Naples are fabulous cities but I'm yet to go to Malta. Enjoy the next few days

  3. A tuxedo to beat all tuxedos! That was great. Really loved your sun rise over Valletta. Stunning.

  4. What a fabulous sounding trip you are having. I also have heard nothing but good things about Malta.
    Just debating whether my husband needs one of those outfits now. Enjoy the rest of your cruise.


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