Wednesday, October 10, 2012

TPThursday: When Life’s a Beach. . .

As our summer days come to an end and autumn promises cloudy, cool – and damp – days in the Pacific Northwest, we start daydreaming about sun and sand.  Beaches beacon. Memories of some of our favorite beaches are the topic of today’s post.


Malaga, Spain’s  Costa del Sol: A Sunday morning stroll last November on the beach included a stop to inspect this new-to-us way of fishing. Tall poles were inserted in the sand and the line (barely glimmering in the sunlight) stretched out into the sea – so high you could walk under them.


Ko Olina, O’ahu, Hawaii:  We’ve spent the month of January ‘living’ at Ko Olina the last couple of years thanks to taking a plunge into the ‘timeshare’ world.  This is one of our favorite spots at this development on O’ahu’s western shores, some 30 minutes from Honolulu.

Iron Springs Alderbrook 2012 048

Copalis Beach, Washington State:  Now you might think this photo, taken last March, is of a cloudy beach, but in this part of the world we have ourselves believing this is ‘filtered sun’.

Carnival Cruise 2012 065

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico:  A Carnival Cruise stop introduced us to the beauty of the beaches in this part of Mexico last April.

RivieraNayarit2012 005

Riviera Nayarit, Mexico:  As much as we enjoyed our quick visit to Cabo, it was the week spent at Rancho Banderas, just north of Puerto Vallarta where our place overlooked this beautiful – and little used – beach.

CashmereVictoriaBC 148

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada:  While images of beaches may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of this city on the tip of Vancouver Island, all you need do is walk a view blocks from the Inner Harbor and you’ll find them.  Well-maintained trails lead from the roadway overlooking them to the cove beaches below.

How about you?  Has life been a beach this year?

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  1. Beautiful place to sit and relax :)

  2. Beautiful shots Jackie. I spent a week in Cabo many years ago, and loved the beaches there.

  3. when life's a beach, it is THAT much better :D lovely photos! Can't wait to hit the coast myself this Sunday. Ahh, the beauty of living in Florida!

    - Maria Alexandra

  4. You've certainly seen some stunning beaches in your travels. Summer's coming for us and I can't wait to hit the fabulous West Australian beaches

  5. Life was a beach last weekend when I kayaked out to Sidney Spit - just 45 minutes away from downtown Victoria. No more beaches in my future for awhile though at least I will have sun next week in Utah's Red Rock Canyon country.

  6. Beaches are so relaxing and peaceful! Great pictures :)

  7. These beaches are all so inviting. I love that first photo, though I've only ever seen poles like those in photos. Wonder how much they're able to catch.

  8. Love the sunset glaze over the Cabo shot. THat is what I love about sunsets over the beach. Great shots!

  9. Such different beaches, and all so inviting. I grew up on a beach in Australia, so now anytime I see a beach anywhere in the world I just feel at home. We just visited one on the west coast of New Zealand's south island. Grey sand, polished pebbles of every colour and the most amazing natural drift wood sculptures I've ever seen. It was so wind-swept and different. Not what you typically picture when you think of beautiful beaches, but sunset wandering along it was just gorgeous.

  10. Now you've got me daydreaming about being on a beach -- a few of those in your pics would do quite nicely. Yes, all in all, life has been a beach this year -- a Mediterranean one last month, in fact. :)

  11. Thanks everyone for visiting. We on onboard ship where internet is slow so will let one comment from me suffice. Hope you'll 'come along' as we continue our travels in Italy. . .


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