Wednesday, May 30, 2012

TPThursday: Mascota Mexico Magic

While we are traveling through Arizona this week, we are taking you back for a final look at Mascota, Mexico's magic with some of the photos we took earlier this month in this small town in the Sierra Madres.

SierraMadres2012 056

The church towers over the town’s square, its bells call out the time and bring the faithful to prayer.  Off to one side of the church  there is the shrine shown below of Father Jose Maria Robles Hurtado, a Catholic priest who was executed on June 25, 1927 as part of the conflict between the church and the Mexican government. He was beatified in 1992 and canonized in 2000 by Pope John Paul.  He is considered a son of this small town.

SierraMadres2012 057

The Robles family runs one of our favorite hangouts in town, the Napoles Bakery and Café, a few blocks from the church. Fr. Jose was a member of this family and his photo, articles about him and tributes have been on display in the bakery since the first time we visited 10 years ago.

SierraMadres2012 065

We made repeated trips to this sweet treat only a couple blocks from our hotel. . .afternoon coffee, dinner that night and breakfast before we left.  There is a warmth about their hospitality that we’ve found irresistible.  (Not to mention good food and drink!)

SierraMadres2012 047

We watched afternoon turn into evening from a park bench in the zocalo, the town square.  Actually we watched the man high in that church’s tower pulling the ropes to ring the bells and announce the start of the evening’s service. . .these days the Catholic Church is alive and well here.

SierraMadres2012 068

Just a few blocks from the square are the remains of the Templo de la Preciosa Sangre (Church of the Holy Blood).  This 19th Century church would have been enormous – it simply was never finished.

SierraMadres2012 075

That's it for Mascota. If you make it to Puerto Vallarta give yourself a couple of extra days and head to the hills.  For now it is Travel Photo Thursday and time to check out the photos on display at Budget Travelers Sandbox.



  1. As I read this, I thought of the old guy who used to ring the bell at our church. I don't think they do that here anymore though I'm not sure why. It's such a lovely thing, I think. But back to Mascota, what a beautiful little town.

    1. It was pretty amazing to watch a man whose job it is in the 21st Century to pull ropes to ring the church bells. Sometimes we need those breaks from technology to be reminded of the real world out there. Thanks for visiting!

  2. We stayed in Colima south of Puerto Vallarta for a few nights. Your photos and descriptions totally remind me of that town. I love the fact that everyone - and all ages included -head to the town squares in the evening to watch the world go by. And I have consistently found the Mexican hospitality to be first rate. I bet you're already planning your next trip.

  3. Heading for the hills is always a good idea. Thanks for this very nice trip through what looks to be a sweet little town.

  4. I know that I would enjoy spending time in the bakery - especially in such a friendly atmosphere. Seems like it would be easy to fall in love with a little town like Mascota.

  5. Beautiful town. I would love to sit in that cafe and then take an early evening walk through the square right about now. Thanks for fueling my armchair travel dreams this afternoon :-)

  6. Coffee drinks, but no Starbucks, I presume!

  7. Thanks all for visiting. We are on the road this week with a near-dead Netbook battery (the new one didn't arrive before we left) so will not respond to each of you this week. Dick, you are right - no Starbucks, although the family knows of Starbucks because they are all over the Puerto Vallarta/Nuevo Vallarta areas.

  8. I love the arch way with the flowers and that bakery sounds pretty tempting.

  9. I've been to Puerto Vallarta before, but only the resort side of the city. I'd love to get out and explore the area more.

  10. What a quaint little town! Who couldn't fall in love with the charm :)

  11. I love visiting local bakeries. There's something about the smell and the atmosphere that's irresistible. Totally understand why you'd go back multiple times :)


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