Thursday, October 6, 2011

Vegas: Gambling, Glitz and . . .Groceries

We’re ‘at home’ just a half block off the Las Vegas Strip, that  sexy sounding multi-lane asphalt path that visitors follow from one glitzy, glamorous casino to another. 
polotowersscottsdale 002
The Villas at Polo Towers is where we’ve been ‘playing house’ in a timeshare unit that feels much like a regular condo. Our views out over the mountain ranges to the south, gives no indication that we are anywhere near the Strip’s  glitz and glamour.

However our location puts us an easy walk from many casino – the  MGM Grand to the left, City Center to the front and Planet Hollywood, Bellagio and Paris to the right.
And heading south on The Strip - just a short ride on the public transit – there’s . . .the grocery store.

polotowersscottsdale 003 Some of you might balk at the thought of grocery shopping and cooking on vacation, but when that is the only household duty  required, it really does take on the feel of an adventure – not a chore.

And grocery stores always provide a ‘local’ flavor, like the honey we purchased: Local Desert Honey, a produce of Mojave Desert plants. 

The maid arrives each afternoon to change towels and remove the garbage and does a thorough cleaning mid-week, giving us plenty of pool or reading time.

polotowersscottsdale 004 Four years ago we entered the timeshare world and have found we like the ‘home away from home’ comforts of these temporary digs.  One of the nicest parts of our timeshare lifestyle allows the flexibility to trade our time and place for others around the world.  We can also take advantage of owner getaways and perks. . .like this one. 

Did I tell you this week’s stay is free as part of a promotion through the timeshare exchange  company, Interval International?  Because we booked that week back in February at The Jockey Club here in Vegas, we earned a free week’s stay to use at any number of places. We chose to return to Vegas – the only thing we paid was a  $139 booking fee.

Note:  These units can be rented through sites such as Expedia, or Diamond Resorts - you don’t need to own a timeshare to stay here..

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  1. One of my favorite things when traveling is visiting grocery stores! Especially if we're not in our own country.


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