Thursday, October 20, 2011

TP Thursday: A Poros Morning


It's been a year and still the memory of the stroll we took on Poros is as brilliant as was the morning we took it.

The day simply dazzled the senses. We wound our way from the harbor, climbing higher into neighborhoods on narrow pathways that looped between houses; the shutter's snap, the sound of  birdsong and an occasional dog’s bark were all that broke the silence.

Map picture

This Greek island, about an hour from Piraeus (Athen's neighboring port city), is part of the Saronic Island chain near the Peloponnese coast.  You can see on the map the narrow strip of channel that separates Poros from Galatas.

We’ve spent a  lot of time this last year rememboring Poros: the people we met, the dogs that befriended us, the places we ate, the long walks we took, the hours spent watching boats and ferries come and go, and we speculate about the possibility of returning for a much longer stay. . .weeks. . . perhaps a month. . .perhaps more.  It could be done, we think.

There are places like that in the world that draw us back to them, the Greek islands of Crete, Symi and Poros among them. 

What about you?
To where do you dream of returning?

It is Travel Photo Thursday and to see more photos from around the world visit Budget Travelers Sandbox, creator of this project.


  1. The Greek islands really are colourful, aren't they... Charming photo.

  2. Beautiful pic! Love the flowers in the front!

  3. I just have to make my way to the Greek Islands. This photo convinces me!

  4. Poros looks like a beautiful place. What great memories you have there. I've yet to get to the Greek Islands, but I've been dreaming of them most of my life!

  5. There is nothing as gorgeous as a Greek island, especially late Spring or early Autumn. Easter in Cyprus or Crete is really special too. I love Lefkas and Corfu too. Wish we were with you!

  6. The Greek islands are fantastic and hopefully we will return sometime in the near future. I am saddened by the protest reports from Athens as people who've not traveled there get the wrong impression, I fear. Greece is a beautiful country filled with wonderful people.

  7. What a beautiful shot. Love the blue.


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