Thursday, January 6, 2011

Treating the Travel Bug

Over coffee recently two friends chided me for plans to head to Las Vegas - again - as they put it. 

One laughed and said, "Well, at least she didn't say Hawaii." 

I responded, "No, . . . that's a few weeks later" which prompted that maybe-she-needs-help looks from them both. We get that look so often from family and friends, that I wrote in this year's Christmas letter:

"We have good health. . .with the exception of the after effects of being bitten by the travel bug some decades ago. The disease has no known cure.  It's something that must run its course until stopped by advancing age or other medical ailments." 

Those suffering from the travel bug are either traveling or consumed by thoughts of it when not living out of a suitcase. Often, we find, our travels aren't salve enough. We talk travel, watch travel shows/movies and read travel books and magazines.

We discovered a new treatment this last year ~ travel tales and tips of other bloggers. Even if your favorite mode of travel is the armchair, you will enjoy a visit to:

Dick Jordan blogging from Vienna
using his Palm LifeDrive PDA
Tales Told From the Road, is written by Dick Jordan, a freelance travel writer/blogger, who lives in the San Francisco Bay area.  In addition to his own travel tales he offers great insights on the latest in travel-related technology 'gizmos' as I call them and links to the latest travel headlines.  It's a fun read and a great resource.

Vera Marie Badertscher

A Traveler's Library, is to readers and travelers what a candy shop is to those with a sweet tooth. Freelance writer Vera Marie Badertscher, who lives in the Tucson, Arizona area, writes this blog and has just co-authored with Charnell Havens, a biography about Quincy Tahoma, The Life and Legacy of a Navajo Artist, which will be released in April, 2011.  Their blog, tells the story of their writing of the book - and is also worth a visit.

John Heald's Blog masterfully blends facts about Carnival Cruise lines into some of the funniest blog narrative we've read. As Carnival's Senior Cruise Director he provides a most candid report of the happenings aboard ships on which he is sailing, as well as stories about his own family. It took a while to get used to his quirky, sometimes 'frat boy humor',  but we are now among his 8 million (not a typo) readers.

Symi Dream, brings back memories of one of our favorite Greek Islands.  Through the blog we can imagine ourselves back in Symi, keeping track of the lives of its creators, Neil Gosling and James Collins and others living on the island.  We visited the Symi Dream gallery, last spring.  Take a few minutes to watch the video they just added and you'll see why Symi charmed us.

What about you?  Have any travel blog recommendations for us? Use the comment section below and tell us about them.

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  1. Thanks for the kind words about Tales Told From The Road, Jackie!


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