Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Diet to Go: Pack the Nuts and Chocolate!

 We are taking a "Diet to Go" approach to travel this year. Or call it a 'culinary journey' into a new way of eating when living out of our suitcases. We will follow  -- okay, to be honest, we may not be able to follow quite to the letter, but we will try to be close --  the plan outlined in the book, "Glycemic Load Diet" by Seattle cardiologist Dr. Rob Thompson, who is on staff  at Swedish Medical Center.
We thank Dr. Thompson for writing the following guest post:

Think you’ll gain weight on your vacation?

If you’re off to one of those lie-around-the-pool ones, you could be right.

However, if you’re planning on sightseeing in Europe, you might be surprised. There’s something about the relaxation, daily walking and complex cuisine that seems to make us Americans shed a few pounds.

Here are a few tips that will bring you home a little slimmer:

1. Pack plenty of nuts.
When you travel, hunger often strikes at times when your choices of food are limited. Instead of resorting to starchy snacks or building up a voracious appetite, have some nuts. They’re satisfying, full of protein, fiber and omega-3 fats, and contain little starch or sugar. They’ll keep you going until you can sit down and have a real meal.

2. Eat Tasty Food.
Call them baguettes or call them pommes frites, but they’re still just white bread and French fries – mainly tasteless starch that turns to sugar as soon as it hits your digestive tract. Surely, you want to eat more exciting food than bread dough and potatoes when you’re in Europe. Put the chef to work. Enjoy complex dishes made with the fresh ingredients of the region -- meats, poultry, seafood, cheeses, fruit and vegetables.

3. Bring Fine Chocolate.
Good chocolate will satisfy that after-dinner sweet tooth, and help you avoid the calories and expense of full desserts. You can even carry some with you and sneak little with your after-dinner coffee. A couple squares has negligible effects on your blood sugar, especially if it’s dark chocolate. I never leave home without it.

Can you believe it?! Chocolates and nuts. . .I might actually be able to do it! For more details about the diet, Dr. Thompson's book, Glycemic Load Diet, can be found on the carousel on our home page. He is also author of, The New Low-Carb Way of Life. We will post periodic updates on our progress and additional tips as the year goes along. 


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