Thursday, July 15, 2010

Putting the Glam in Camping

         Cherry Wood B and B
Glamping is catching on in Washington State. . .that would be a healthy dose of glamour and a bit of camping.  When those two concepts merge anything is possible, as we found out this summer. 

We 'glamped' in a tepee in the Lower Yakima Valley, about 170 miles from Seattle called Cherry Wood B and B a few weeks ago and just yesterday toured the new yurts at Chiwana Village at Sagecliffe Winery and Cave B Inn, near Quincy, Washington.  From our tepee we had views of Mount Adams and from the yurt, the mighty Columbia River rolled past - some 900 feet below us, by the way.

           view from Chiwana Village
I wrote about our glamping for the Seattle Times.  The article appears in the July 15, 2010 NWWeekend section. I chuckled at the reader's comment that appeared shortly after the article went on line.  The writer obviously doesn't understand 'glamping' - a high end experience!

Yurt interior Chiwana Village
One of the best sources for glampsites around the world is


  1. I love the teepee camping setup. It reminds me and act as a tribute to our native American ancestors.

  2. I love camping too!

  3. Camping and trekking are two of the outdoor activities that I love most. I enjoy hiking and mountain climbing as well. Whenever I go on an outdoor activity, I always have my equipment and tools with me like a cold steel, tent, sleeping bag and a bar of chocolate (in case of hypoglycemia).


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