Monday, June 7, 2010

Yamas! A Toast to Greece

"Yamas!"  they say in Greece when they serve your drink. "Yamas!" you say as you clink your glasses together in toast. "Yamas!. . .(Cheers!)" ~ a wish for well-being.

New friends in Rhodes
And so as our travels through Greece come to a close, it seems only fitting to raise a glass and say, "Yamas!" to the many, many Greeks who welcomed us to their stunning islands with such warmth that a return is firmly cemented into our future travel plans.

"Yamas!" to the sensory-numbing beauty of the islands;

"Yamas!" to those we stopped to ask directions of; especially those who ended up escorting us toward the destination we couldn't quite find no matter which way we turned the map, and to those who provided insider tips for dining and sightseeing;

"Yamas!" to the remains of ancient civilizations;

The images of Greece - Athens, in particular - that made media headlines around the world during the time we were traveling there were of a country in turmoil and filled with unrest.  That wasn't our experience at all. Island life was tranquil, the country side a treasure chest of picturesque villages, and our experience enhanced by the warm, wonderful -- and welcoming -- people we met along the way.

We had far too many tales and tips and far too little time to post them all. . .there's more to come on Greece. But its time to tell you a bit about London and our two nights there. I've also compiled some tips on how we saved major travel bucks, those will be posted soon.

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