Thursday, May 1, 2014

Greece: As this Odyssey comes to an End

By the time many of you read this our time in Greece will have come to an end. We fly to Istanbul Friday afternoon.

As I write this, though, we are still on Tinos, one of the most picturesque of the Cycladic Islands, awaiting the high speed ferry that will zip us to Athens’ port of Piraeus; a trip of  less than three hours.

mykonos2014 026
Windmill on Mykonos Island

My writing is interrupted though by the distraction of watching one of the several large vehicle-carrying ferries that regularly serves this island pulling away; our harbor front room providing us a perfect vantage point for watching the transportation activities. Tinos doesn’t have an airport – the only way to get here is by water. This ferry is bound for Mykonos, the island where we spent three nights prior  to arriving on this, our last island of our five-week-long Greece Odyssey.

peloponnese2014 068
Porto Kaglio - Peloponnese

horasfakia2014 028
Cretan Countryside
Our late March arrival coincided with that of spring. A fickle spring it seems as our weather has been a mix of warm, sunny days and others that had us wearing our silk long johns (or using those Seattle umbrellas we luckily had with us.) Spring flowers have carpeted our route through the Peloponnese, Crete and the  Cyclades.  

We have eaten some of the most fabulous food imaginable. . . wild greens from the mountains, or grown on the family farm, fresh made cheese, breads just out of the oven, olive oil that was pressed ‘just down the road’. . .you get the idea.

loutrotoIos2014 001
Pavlos Restaurant - Loutro, Crete

Each meal holds a special memory but one we won't soon forget was eaten in the kitchen at Pavlos’ Restaurant in Loutro, on the south coast of Crete. This was one of those ‘long johns’ nights – it was far too cold to sit outside in this open air restaurant so Tonya (the chef) and Pavlos, the owner, set us up in the kitchen. That is a chopping block to The Scout’s  right. (We told them that in the U.S. people pay big bucks for such private dining – and that absurdity made them laugh!)

loutrotoIos2014 124
Goats and historic ruins - a favorite scene, this is one in Crete

The Greek countryside and its islands are among some of the most beautiful lands on earth, to our way of thinking.

  loutrotoIos2014 018

We’ve covered a lot of kilometers on this trip and seen some of the best of the best – yet have barely touched the surface of all that Greece has to offer. It surely calls out for a return. . .

 peloponnese2014 218 And the warmth and welcome we’ve received in Greece is so fabulous that you must experience it to understand that statement.

It isn’t often that I hug and kiss hotel owners upon leaving their establishments back home in the States - let alone tear up as we drive away. On this trip I’ve done it so many times, that I’ve lost count. 

greece2014 043
Approaching Athens Airport from Istanbul in March
Our next report will be from Istanbul, or Constantinople, as it is still referred to in Greece.  Hope you’ll still be with us as we bring this trip to a close there. 

We’ve tales and tips to tell you about the people and places in Greece – hopefully, we’ll convince some of you to try some of the out-of-the-way (charming and inexpensive) places we’ve discovered along the way. . .
. . .as always thanks for the time you spent with us today. And a special welcome to our new followers of the blog and those following TravelnWrite on FB ~ many of you we've been lucky enough to meet on this trip!

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  1. Hello Jackie and Joel:

    What a wonderful trip you have had over the past five or so weeks and if you are today feeling somewhat sad as it all comes to an end, and this we can readily understand, you will, whatever, be taking away with you memories of people and places to last a lifetime, all of which you will, we know, treasure.

    For our part it has been so interesting to 'visit' with you so many places which, otherwise, we might never see. That said, our appetites for the Greek Isles are whetted.

    1. Jane and Lance, Thanks so much for coming along with us - as I said I have more tales to tell and will do so once we are home and settled in. . .hopefully it will only serve to increase your appetite for Greece.

  2. Only been to Greece once. I did enjoy Istanbul.
    Have fun!

    1. Istanbul is a bit of a shock after our laid-back days in small Greek villages, but interesting all the same. Thanks for the visit, Jackie, I will be back visiting myself next week! See you then!!

  3. You must have been a Greek in a past life. You have truly embraced Greece and I think you'll be back many more times. You have certainly rekindled my interest in returning - especially with the shots of beautiful flowers & descriptions of incredible meals.

    1. Leigh you would go crazy for the hiking trails in the Peloponnese and Crete - I think of you every time we've seen the entrance to a gorge or a signpost along the way. I'll be back visiting posts after we get home next week - see you then!

  4. Oh this is such a wonderful, tantalizing post. I think that I have told you how I dream to go to Greece and now that I know that if I do, I will know all of the best places to go, thanks to two trepid adventurers...Merci!!

    1. It was an amazing adventure and one we are both ready to do again and again. Guess for now it is time to head home and face the real world. Thanks for stopping by Heather, see you soon back at your blog!

  5. It sounds like you've had such a satisfying time in Greece, Jackie. Very good to see the photo series, and I particularly like the fishing boat in the bay. Looking forward to seeing and hearing about Istanbul.

  6. I remember the friendliness of the Greeks from our visit there 35 years ago. I am sure we will return again. I look forward to more of your Greek photos and stories.

  7. Seems like spring is fickle everywhere this year. You were smart to pack your umbrellas and warm clothes.
    Looking forward to reading about your adventures in Constantinople!

  8. You two have had such a fantastic time. I seems like only yesterday that you were beginning this adventure. LIke Jan, I was in Greece a long time ago. I think I was 17! I've always wanted to go back. I love that photo of the goat.

  9. We totally understand and agree with all your sentiments about Greece and its islands. We too enjoyed our short visit there (particularly the day or two we managed to share it with you. Like you, we hope to continue our love affair with Greece and follow in your footsteps to Peleponnese. Safe travels!

  10. Greece has certainly treated you well. No wonder you like returning there. I look forward to hearing about Istanbul, too. Those flower pictures are so pretty, and I think my favorite photo is the one of the fisherman on that unbelievably clear water.

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  12. I am sure you will return to Greece again and again. It sounds wonderful and love all of the pictures!

  13. Thanks so much for your visit - I will be back in the blogosphere and visiting back at you next week!


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