Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Walk in the Park

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth. . .
                         --A Road Not Taken, Robert Frost

VancouverIs2013 133

Should we or shouldn’t we? 

While driving around the town of Tofino on Canada’s Vancouver Island we happened upon Tonquin Park. “Want to stop or just keep driving?” – our own version of Robert Frost’s poem.  We are glad we stopped – it was one of the high points of our road trip.
VancouverIs2013 118

We followed a winding boardwalk through this nature preserve.

VancouverIs2013 116

Past the remains of an earlier boardwalk, we wound our way through the emerald growth, all the while wondering where we were headed. Then down some 75 steps and our destination spread out before us:

VancouverIs2013 119

Tonquin Beach, a small beach in comparison to others that line the western coast of Vancouver Island, was washed in sunlight and small wonders . . .like the clusters of starfish we found sunning themselves on rock outcroppings. . .

PicMonkey Collage

. . .with glorious views. . .

VancouverIs2013 125

And wonderful curiosities like those below that closed and opened with a gentle touch of the toe. . .

VancouverIs2013 128

VancouverIs2013 134

Our stop was a good reminder to slow down the travels and take those ‘other roads’ when given the opportunity. . .

VancouverIs2013 130

IF YOU GO:  Tonquin Park: Located on Tonquin Park Road, free parking lot. No permits required.  There are no disability accommodations – the last step is a big one.  For the hikers out there, other trails lead from the beach. 

In researching the park after our return I found it has a rather violent history.  Well, the ship for which it is named had a violent history. For a more detailed story of the sinking of the Tonquin, click on  this link.

That’s it for Travel Photo Thursday, so head over to Budget Travelers Sandbox for more photos.  This week we begin our South Pacific adventures so hope you’ll come back often – we’ll be writing from somewhere on the Pacific Ocean en route to Oceania. . and for those of you regulars, we arrived in Honolulu on Tuesday evening. We board the cruise ship on Friday - hope you'll set sail with us then. . .I've been posting to FB for those of you following our TravelnWrite page there.


  1. This looks absolutely gorgeous. I'd love to get there one day :)

    1. Hope you do make it there Jo! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. It looks like a very seredipitous decision to stay and enjoy the park. Those starfish are quite a find, that spiderweb is gorgeous, and those little aquatic things are a curiosity. Looks like a great little hike with a big payout.

    1. It was one of our better travel decisions. . .thanks for visiting today!

  3. What an excellent hike and tour, I enjoyed my trip to this park...the beach and patterns on the sand are pretty cool!

    1. Thanks Noel. We are currently enjoying your Hawaii beaches! Much warmer. :-)

  4. So glad you decided to stop and take us on the delightful tour, Jackie. Looking at your photos made me feel relaxed. I've never seen so many starfish(es?) together before and that spiderweb, so perfect. Thanks, Jackie!

  5. The picture of that beach with the patterns in the sand is awesome. It is so absolutely beautiful and green there.

  6. I'm not familiar with Tonquin Beach but it looks like a great find. Hope you did the cike to the coast near Uculelet (spelling?) too.


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