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WA Weekend: Kirkland ~ Where the Livin’ is Lakeside

Even those of us lucky enough to live in Kirkland, just across Lake Washington from Seattle, sometimes take this Pacific Northwest gem for granted.  Kirkland should be the poster child for lakeside living and here are some reasons why:

ChelanManson 036

1. Waterfront Parks:  Take a stroll along the mile-long stretch of Lake Washington Blvd. from Carillon Point to downtown Kirkland to explore the city’s many waterfront parks. Open free of charge to the public, they are great places for picnics, sunbathing or just reading a book.  (Winter storm watching is also fun from these vantage points.) For those not content to sit around, rent a paddle board or join a game of volleyball.

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 Marina Park, in the photo below, is a popular place for kids who can wade into the shallow water along its crescent-shaped beach, while  dogs chase out into the deeper waters to retrieve sticks and balls and pesky water fowl angle for a handouts. It’s also center stage for the town’s many festivals.


2. Get out on Lake Washington: If you want to really experience the water. . .

ChelanManson 039

but you don’t have a boat to tie up at Marina Park’s public dock, don’t despair because.  .  .


Argosy Cruises (800-642-7816, has got you covered. The tour boat departs from the Kirkland Dock at Marina Park for a 1.5 hour cruise that – on a sunny day – will provide stunning views of Mt. Rainier, University of Washington’s Husky Stadium and takes you past the waterfront homes of the rich and famous, like Bill Gates’ place. Reservations are recommended.  Schedule and prices can be found at the web site listed above.


(BTW, these photos are should dispel the rumor that it ‘always rains in Seattle’. Not so!)

If You Visit: 

Map picture

The fresh-water Lake Washington at 20-miles long and reaching a depth of 214-feet is the second largest lake in Washington State, just behind the 55-mile long Lake Chelan.

When a day at the lake comes to an end, try out some of the many eateries that dot the shoreline or are clustered in the downtown area, easy walking distance from the water.

Sip some Washington wine (we’d recommend The Grape Choice a wine merchant with its kid and dog friendly sipping area near Marina Park).

Spend a night or two  at either of the town’s luxury hotels: The Woodmark Hotel on the lake at Carillon Point and The Heathman Hotel in the downtown, two blocks from Marina Park.

For more information: Click on:  Explore Kirkland.

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  2. When we lived in Vancouver we used to visit Seattle friends regularly but I have NEVER been to Kirkland and had no idea about all the wonderful things that there are to do.
    One set of our friends has a place on the water near Des Moines and we did do a memorable kayak trip to Gig Harbor over a weekend a few years ago. I love trying to cross major shipping lanes while looking out for ships that can't even see me!!! Next time I will come and look you up and have coffee or wine.

    1. Leigh, I'd love to show you around Kirkland. Allow enough time and we'll do our next-door Woodinville Wine Country as well! Schedule enough time to have both morning coffee and wine later!! We used to have friends living in Des Moines and it is also a beautiful spot on the sound. . .yes, those shipping lanes can be tricky!

  3. Seattle is on my list of places to visit--and all of these outdoor activities sound fantastic!

    1. Despite our reputation for rain in this part of the world, we really do have a lot of fun outdoor activities. Hope you make it to Seattle -- and Kirkland! -- soon~

  4. I dont know what to say.  This blog is fantastic.  Thats not really a really huge statement, but its all I could come up with after reading this.  You know so much about this subject.  So much so that you made me want to learn more about it.  Your blog is my stepping stone, my friend.  Thanks for the heads up on this subject.

  5. Well Lake Chelan is certainly another spot for livin' at lakeside. Thanks for your visit and kind words. Hope you'll be a regular at TravelnWrite!


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