Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Timeshare Tales

We remarked today that being around timeshare owners is like being on a cruise ship with cruising enthusiasts, you talk about the best destinations and the best deals to be found. Timeshare talk, whether at poolside, in the hot tub or at the bar usually ends up focusing on timeshare resorts, trades, travel and again the best deals to be had.

Now 'best' can be defined a number of different ways: one is buying direct from one of the famous 90-minute sales pitches that at least in our case earned us a bizzillion Marriott points back three years ago and as I mentioned earlier, entry into 'the Marriott family" or ohana, as we call ourselves around Ko Olina. For others 'best' means a good deal or low price.

Many folks we've met own many weeks at various resorts and are sold on the timeshare concept (disclaimer: it isn't for everyone) and we've learned that many have purchased their weeks on the resale market at considerably less than they could on the primary market. Now in the midst of our third stay here we are also considering purchasing another week somewhere and have had a number of web sites recommended to us. Among those recommended sites are: SellMyTimeshareNow.com and Timeshare Users Group If anyone out there has other suggestions, let us know. . .we will share them with others in the hot tub or sipping a beverage.

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