Saturday, March 15, 2014

WAWeekend: ‘Coasting’ in Washington

We are in the betwixt and between travel season . . .

KoOlina2013 013
KoOlina - O'ahu, Hawaii

. . .not quite ready to give up the afterglow of winter in Hawaii and just about ready to start packing for our return to Greece later this spring. . .

GreecePt12013 025
Pireaus, Greece April 2013
. . .so we decided to head to the Washington State Coast for a quick getaway this last week.

OceanShores2014 261
Ocean Shores, Washington State

Iron Springs Alderbrook 2012 016
And did we ever time it right!

Although still brisk enough to wear a jacket, we had sunshine and blue skies – every day!!

The photo to the side illustrates what the coastline usually looks like: wet and rainy. In fact, that was the weather two years ago when we visited Iron Springs Resort on Copalis Beach. This year we stayed a few miles south in the city of Ocean Shores.

OceanShores2014 215
View from Quinnault Resort - Ocean Shores

Both times we’d gone to the shore to watch the winter storms and each trip held its own kind of beauty; one showing the gray foreboding wet, wild side of the sea and the other its cheerful bright side.

Iron Springs Alderbrook 2012 038
Dogs and Drivers are welcome on Washington State Beaches

We’ve decided it is impossible to pack the correct clothes because you never know what might greet you. Once on a near 80-degree sunny mid-July day in Seattle we headed to the beach only to find it fogged in and so chilly we turned around and came home instead of pitching the tent in which we’d planned to spend the night.

Travel DEAL:

Generally, The Scout, seeks out the ‘deals’ but sometimes they appear in our inbox as well, as did this offer from Iron Springs Resort, a collection of cabins on a beach side bluff that were purchased, refurbished and reopened two years ago. 
PicMonkey Collage
Interior of one cabin at Iron Springs Resort

They are so nice that it was difficult to pass them up this trip to try something new, but reluctantly, we did.  However, had this deal been going on I know we wouldn’t have been able to pass it up:

Three nights for the price of two!
April 1, 2014 - June 15, 2014
Enjoy two nights at Iron Springs and we’ll spring for the third*! 
(Call 360.276.4230 or 1.800.380.7950 for details)
*The Three for Two package is available for stays between Tuesday, April 1, 2014 through Sunday, June 15, 2014. Offer not valid for stays between May 23, 2014 through May 26, 2014. Additional nights available at our standard seasonal rates. Standard taxes, cleaning and dog fees apply. Reservations made prior to March 11, 2014 are not eligible for this special. Book this package by calling 360-276-4230 or 1-800-380-7950. Online booking not available for this promotion.

If you go:  Ocean Shores and Copalis Beach are about a two hour drive from Seattle. 

Stay safe where ever your travels take you this weekend.  Thanks for the time you spent with us today.   Hope you’ll join us again on Foodie Tuesday – when we are serving up a taste of Greece. 
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  1. That cabin looks perfect for me! Looking forward to following along on your return to Greece.
    Bon Weekend!

    1. Oh hello Heather! So nice to see you again at TravelnWrite; I know you've been busy searching Provence for your future home (have you thought of telling your story to House and Garden channel in the US, the house hunter segment -- you would be great on it!!!) Thanks for the visit. . .

  2. Ok, that's it. You and Joel (sorry, The Scout) need to adopt us please! You guys do the coolest things and go to the coolest places, Jackie. I absolutely LOVE the Western US coast from California all the way to Seattle. It's sooooo beautiful, calm and serene. The fog can be so very cozy to me at times. Dog beach! Woo hoo! Yes, please :)

    1. Okay, I almost added a special photo just for Phoenix. . .it is a photo of the special dog bowl, mat and towel they provide in each cabin for their special four-footed guests. I think the cost is $50 a night for the furry ones but their welcome mat is huge. . .and the beach a perfect spot. I agree about the fog. (And you could cook up a storm in those well equipped kitchens).

  3. Happy sigh - how I love walking the Washington beaches, especially when the weather is wild and you really have to bundle up. :-)

    1. Yes, there is something about bundling up on a beach walk and then racing back to the room to warm up, isn't there? And the weather can be beyond wild on the Washington Coast, can't it? Thanks for stopping by . . . xo

  4. How nice to have such a lovely getaway so close to home~!

  5. It is, Irene and so often we take it for granted and head off for parts unknown much further away.

  6. That looks like a fantastic little getaway between your trips!


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