Sunday, December 22, 2013

‘Twas the Time Before Christmas

GreecePt12013 001It’s that time of year when suitcases sit empty at the TravelnWrite House

The flurry of pre-travel packing and departure preparation has been replaced by Christmas preparations for a stay-at-home holiday.

But there was a time in our early years together when my work – and its Scrooge-like amount of vacation time -forced us to travel at Christmas (one week of current year’s vacation coupled with one week of the next, made for a blessed two week getaway without zapping my entire year’s 10 vacation days).

So Christmas time was always spent in some far away place;  thousands of miles from family and friends. . . And you know what?

It was a great time to travel!

SanAntChristmas2013 005

We were surrounded by knock-out holiday decorations the filled the hotels (much more elaborate than we’d have done at home), we ate Christmas dinners and goodies that we didn’t have to prepare (whew!) and we had time to enjoy the season, our surroundings and our time together . . .

SanAntChristmas2013 003

This year we had a taste of those old Christmas travel memories when we began the month of December by spending a few days at the JW Marriott in Texas Hill Country, outside San Antonio. The photos in the post were taken there.

SanAntChristmas2013 031

I was among some 1,200 conference attendees and outside each conference room a festive tree and poinsettias made it clear the Holiday Season was upon us.

SanAntChristmas2013 030

Amazing what a couple of Poinsettias will do to enhance everyday décor.


And a gingerbread display filled the hotel foyer with cowboy boots as big as the State of Texas!

SanAntChristmas2013 004

The decorations that filled the grounds and the building provided a chuckwagon-sized helping of Christmas Cheer and guests couldn’t help but be caught up in the festive feel of the season.

We hope this Christmas Season you will be caught up in festive surroundings 
and that your hearts will be filled with Christmas Cheer!

SanAntChristmas2013 038

We thank you for the time you spent with us today during this busy season ~
hope to see you back again soon! As our greeting card says this year, 


  1. We wish you and Joel a Merry Christmas and the best of health in the New Year! From the Easy Hikers

  2. And a Merry Christmas to you as well! Enjoy the season~

  3. It's always fun to escape with you and Joel, Jackie! A belated very Merry Christmas to you both! :)


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