Saturday, August 31, 2013

WAWeekend: Chelan ~ The Land of Lakes

We visit  Lake Chelan, that 55-mile long glacier-fed lake stretching from the North Cascade Mountains to the small town down lake of the same name, often. It’s The Scout’s hometown. Like thousands of others who visit each year we marvel at the beauty of the lake. . .postcard perfect from any angle.

Carnival to San Jose 027
Lake Chelan and the North Cascade Mountains

We’ve become complacent with the views of that lake – lazy, one might say -- and have not gotten out to enjoy the other lakes that dot the nearby Central Washington State countryside.

ChelanToppPort2010 046
Vineyard and orchards border Lake Chelan, WA
But a couple weeks ago we set off to visit a couple of those other lakes. . .did you even know there are other lakes? There are – and not that far from Lake Chelan’s shore!

ChelanBuceriasN2013 065

We headed inland from Manson, the small town at the road’s end on the lake’s northern shore. A narrow, paved road led us through vineyards and orchards, past farms and homes. Willow trees, like those in the left center of this photo, soon gave way to pine trees and the pavement gave way to a somewhat dusty dirt surface.

ChelanBuceriasN2013 067

ChelanBuceriasN2013 073
Then a mere five miles north of Manson we arrived at Antilon Lake, a secluded 96-acre reservoir with a campground,  bike/hiking trails and a Sno-Park for winter fun. From the lake there are views of Fourth of July Mountain.

ChelanBuceriasN2013 069
Antilon Lake

We had the place to ourselves on this mid-weekday afternoon. The only sound was of the wind stirring the branches; the crunch of pine needles under our feet.

PicMonkey Collage

Returning to Manson we stopped three miles out of town at the sprawling Wapato Lake.  This lake, covers 216 surface acres with a maximum depth of 68 feet, and has two campgrounds on its western shore. Fishermen might hook small-mouth bass, crappie, bluegill and rainbow trout at this lake.

ChelanBuceriasN2013 079
Wapato Lake
There’s a boat launch at the small Roses Lake tucked just a mile away amid orchards and vineyards in the hills north of Manson. Anglers will find crappie, trout, catfish and large-mouth bass here.  This is a popular winter ice fishing spot as well.

If You Go:

Driving from Seattle: Depending on road construction and weather, the drive will take between three and four hours.

Flying: The nearest airport is Pangborn in Wenatchee, about 40 miles away and is served by Horizon/Alaska from Sea-Tac, near Seattle.


Antilon Lake Location: 5 Miles North of Manson on Grade Creek Rd. No water, fire rings or picnic tables are provided. Fishermen will find brown trout here.
Wapato Lake Location: 3 Miles North of Manson on Wapato Lake Rd.
Roses Lake Location: 1 Mile North of Manson on Roses Ave.

For fishing license information visit Washington State’s link:

That’s it for WAWeekend – make the most of yours and we’ll see you back here next week. Thanks for stopping by today! Check out Noel Morata's TravelPhotoDiscovery on Monday - this post will be appearing there.


  1. What a gorgeous, gorgeous place. :-) It reminds me very much of lakes in southern British Columbia. :-)

  2. You are certainly right about that, Krista. I suspect there are a number of places in BC and Washington that could be called the "Land of Lakes"! Have a great week~

  3. The place looks amazing, so peaceful...

  4. I remember how beautiful Chelan was from your previous post. It's great you finally got a chance to visit the other lakes and introduce them to us. Antilon and Wapato look scenic, peaceful and untouched. So much great natural beauty in your part of the world and thanks for sharing them.

    1. You are right about the beauty to be found in this part of the world. . . and it is even better when the sun is out! Thanks for your visit --

  5. Looks like beautiful country and I'm sure amazing wine...thanks for linking up today

    1. Yes it's a toss up as to our favorite: view or wine. Prefer sipping one while enjoying the other!

  6. Such pretty pictures - that's an area of WA we haven't visited, now feel inspired to do so!

    1. Patti, yes! A trip through Central Washington (over the North Cascades Highway, through Twisp, Mazama, Chelan, Wenatchee, and Leavenworth (and of course Cashmere) would give you a good taste (figuratively and literally) of the wonders of this region.

  7. I have heard great things about this region. It looks so beautiful and peaceful. With beautiful vineyards like those, I'm sure the wines must be wonderful.

    1. The wines are taking a huge share of awards these days, Mary. They are great -- we've sampled many :-)!

  8. Jackie, I've heard a good deal of places in the Western States over my liftime but this one didn't ring a bell. Lake Chelan is right up my alley for beauty and tranquility with no crowds! Thank you for sharing and the gorgeous pictures too! :)

    1. Mike you would love the area, especially in off season when the pace calms around the big lake and slows to nearly a standstill around the smaller lakes.

  9. I've heard such wonderful things about the Lake Chelan area that I can understand why it's hard to get off one's proverbial butt and explore. Looks beautiful but very dry.

    1. Central Washington is dry and downright arid in many places - thank goodness for the invention of irrigation!


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