Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tuesday Travel: Air, Land, Sea and Rail

So, where are you going next? we are often asked; the polite but somewhat pointed inquiry by those who think we are ‘never home’.

“And what is there?” is the question that follows the first.

We’ve learned that sometimes travel isn’t about the ‘there’; sometimes it is the experiences you have in getting ‘there’.  (Remember Gertrude Stein’s famous quote, “There’s no there, there”?)

TravelnWrite was recently invited to join in on one of the blogosphere’s many competitions--- one that by virtue of it’s theme caught our fancy because it isn’t about ‘there’ – it is about getting there via air, land, sea, and rail.

Air – a heavenly view

As much as The Scribe hates flying, The Scout has convinced me that once we are up in the air, I might as well enjoy the view.  Our recent trip to Las Vegas convinced me again that his advice was wise.

Vegas60Seattle 025
From where else would I get this view of Washington State’s Mount St. Helens, the volcano that erupted in 1980 blanketing a good portion of the state (including Yakima, where we lived at the time) in ash?

Vegas60Seattle 030

Or of the amazing contrasting geography of the Western United States – as evidenced here with irrigated crop circles dotting the dry, barren desert lands that surround Las Vegas?

Rail – The Train in Spain

We love European train travel and perhaps the train travel  Spain was among our favorites.


DSCF1696Osuna, Spain’s train station that had served passengers in this small agricultural city was such a contrast to the modern train that slid to a rest on the tracks in front of it; a train that would whisk us at high speeds to Malaga, on Spain’s Gold Coast.

Sea – Sailing the Wine Colored Seas

SilhouettePt12012 083

There is nothing like a sunset from the deck of a cruise ship. . .unless it is sunrise. Both times of day are simply magical.

Road – Where the Winds Blow Us

Our road trips both here and abroad are – for as much as possible – unstructured travel times. We set out in a direction – no schedule, no reservations, and a willingness to follow our whims – going ‘where the winds blow us’.

Pelop2013 174

And sometimes the highways themselves become the most unexpected places. . .like this ‘highway’ in Greece’s Peloponnese!

So what is your favorite way to travel? Tell us in the comment section below or send an email!

This is our entry into the contest, Travel Your Way, being sponsored by RhinoCarHire. (click that link if you’d like to enter the contest yourself!) And to get the ball rolling I am tapping five other travel bloggers to participate in the competition:

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  1. This was such a fun post to read! I haven't been to Seattle for several years. Your one pic reminded me of flying over the "ring" of volcanos from Lassen, St Helen's to Rainer.

  2. Thanks Mike - it was a fun post to write as well. Sometimes it is good to sit back and try to find examples of a particular subject. . .traveling down memory lane is always fun.

  3. I really love train travel. The longest train trip I took was from Montreal to Quebec (not that long), but I remember that it was so scenic and relaxing. I hope to incorporate rail travel into more of my future travels. Good luck with the competition!

    I'd like to invite you to link up for Wanderlust Wednesday on my blog which closes on Saturday. Feel free to submit your link here: http://www.timetravelplans.net/hotels-in-palm-desert-shadow-ridge/

    1. Thanks for the invite and I did just link up. I hope you'll consider entering the competition as well!

  4. Thank you Jackie for tagging me. Unfortunately I am in overdrive until the end of September and feel barely able to keep on top of the blog posts that are on the must do list. However I do like the theme - but would have to use my lowly kayak as travel by boat.

    I love your first sentence as I get that one all the time. People think I'm on a permanent vacation. I'd love non-bloggers to try out our shoes for a week and see what they think.

    1. Yes, everyone really should try writing a blog on a regular basis. . .I know the overdrive feeling as well right now!

  5. we like road trips - and there are lots to be done across our huge country.
    But I like the idea of a train trip too, or a boat trip (especially to Antartica or Alaska - on my dream list), but any trip will do, as long as I am planning to go somewhere, or going somewhere!

    1. Jill, I hope you'll consider entering the contest. I had room for only five nominees, but I would encourage you to join in the fun!

  6. Oh boy, I don't know how to choose just one! I love train travel because it's so relaxing and peaceful - but I hate not being able to stop wherever I like. That's what I love most about driving - the freedom and flexibility. :-)

    1. And also a nudge to you to participate in this contest. Love the subject it focuses on and it is fun to sort through old photos of travels. Please join in. And as always thanks for stopping by. xo J.

  7. I love train travel too. It really is a more relaxed way of traveling. I would change my name to RENFE.

    1. Love your comment Eduardo. Hope you'll be back often. And yes I like the sound of Eduardo Renfe better than Eduardo Amtrak! ;-)

  8. Agreed, getting there is half the fun (sometimes more) :)


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