Sunday, January 27, 2013

When the Diamonds and Daydreams Dance

Tropical daydreams were waltzing around my head the other day - gliding as smoothly as the clouds between the swaying palms -- and so caught up was I in their slow-step rhythm that I almost missed those enchanting dancing diamonds right in front of me . . .

. . . twirling and spinning; tossing and swooshing. . .

KoOlina2013 020

As if on tiptoes they twinkled across the lagoon . . .

KoOlina2013 018

Then teasing and tempting they raced up the sand. . .

KoOlina2013 017

. . . and then those diamonds, mixed with daydreams, continued to dance.


  1. How beautiful. I love how your captured the shimmer or diamonds as you call it - what a glow

    Have a wonderful week


  2. Thanks Helen! I can only imagine how you might capture them on canvas!

  3. It's always a challenge to photograph shimmering water. It always fascinates me and frankly most painters of old were too. Yes, they do glitter like diamonds.

    1. Shimmering water is so mesmerizing that I often don't think to point a camera at it. I do appreciate the way the painters -- the good ones -- are able to capture its essence.

  4. No tropical daydreams where I am right now. Heading out now fully bundled up with only a slit for my eyes to cross country ski. At least I will appreciate the warmth when I'm back in the hotel. Nice photos BTW.


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