Sunday, April 10, 2011

Confessions of a White-Knuckler

What? You're afraid of flying?

How can that be, you fly all the time?

True. We do fly a lot.
And true, I'm still a white-knuckler.

So I'm always amused by people who tell me they don't travel because they don't like flying.  On the flip side, I am amazed when people tell me that they book overnight flights so that they can sleep through the flight.

(I may doze, but am always 'on alert' in case disaster happens in mid-flight because I've convinced myself that somehow the cockpit crew or flight attendants may need my assistance in event of crisis at 37,000 feet. Okay, maybe it's just the old journalist in me that doesn't want to miss the big story. . .)

And it seems airplane horror stories always start making media headlines in the weeks leading up to a trip we've planned.  Just like now, how many times must they show that hole in the top of that Southwest Airlines plane? And that's been followed by watching them haul chunks up from the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean of that Air France plane that took the mysterious plunge a couple years ago.

So I am not sure why I opened the story on Bing this morning about unusual airports. . .maybe to torture myself. Actually the photos are so good, I had to share it with you: unusual airports.

It will give my fellow white knucklers nightmares but may spark new destination ideas for the rest of you travel gonzos out there.

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