Friday, September 10, 2010

Las Vegas 'Football Fest'

Labor Day Weekend.
We wanted sun.
We wanted football.
We went to Vegas.
We got both. 

The sun.
Temperatures were hovering in the low 100's when we arrived Friday afternoon and continued so through Sunday. It was so hot that we paced our sightseeing to match those wily vendors who fill wheeled suitcases or ice chests with ice-cold bottled water, then set up shop at regular intervals along The Strip selling them for a buck a bottle. . .they make money and we save money (the same bottle sells for $3.59 at the airport).

Palazzo Pool
By Labor Day the temperature dropped to the high 90's making it possible to toast ourselves at poolside and not suffer heat stroke. 

We watched football!  
Labor Day weekend marked the kickoff of the college football season.  While we love going to away games, we learned in January (when we 'went' to several Bowl Games) in Las Vegas that this town is a one-stop shop for watching many games. Even better, there's no charge for watching them in one of the many 'Sports Book's as they call the special areas dedicated to sports viewing (and betting, for those so inclined) found in larger casinos.

We spent time Saturday morning scouting out the best 'book' for our viewing needs:  comfy chairs and plenty of screens. The one we selected was at the Venetian where not only was our team, the UW Huskies, on Big screen television; but  LSU's game was on a BIGGER screen, and smaller screens gave us front-row seats to games played by San Jose State, Washington State's Coug's and four other teams. So many games, so much fun. 

The football fest continued on Labor Day when BSC contenders' the  Boise State Broncos took on Virginia Tech. We returned to the cushy chairs at the Venetian to watch the game on  the really BIG screen and 11 other screens of various sizes.  The nail-biter had fans of both teams cheering loudly as the lead bouncing back and forth. 

The Broncos completed a game winning touchdown in the final moments that put them three points ahead.

The point spread (that's the number that helps you determine who to bet on if you are in to that sport) during the weekend had varied between -2.50 and -1.50 meaning the Broncos had to win by those 3 points for those who had bet on them to win money.  It was an emotion-filled ending in that sports book - high fives and shouting and clapping was as good as being in the stadium.

We kicked off the football season and darkened our suntan a bit - time to head home.  
  Wisconsin fans were in town for UNLV game


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. We didn't even get to see the end of the Boise State game - our power went out!

  2. I can't imagine the power going out during that game. It was so exciting. A guy behind me - at the start of the game - said he was tearing up his (betting) ticket on BS; I laughed. At the game was coming to an end he said, "Hey, high five! I saw you laughing at me. . ."


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