Sunday, April 25, 2010

Greek Reservations

"So where will you be staying?" 
The question is asked often by friends as our scheduled departure date draws near.
"Did you make reservations over the internet?  Do they speak English?" 
Our answers usually prompt a polite pause and I suspect a general speculation that we are as crazy as we sometimes sound.

"No, no reservations."  "Yes, they speak English very well. . .much better than my six tourist-survival words of Greek."

The one reservation we have is for a rental car. We will pick it up at the Heraklion (Iraklion) Airport. We will return the car to the airport -- those pesky 'fees' raised their ugly head again -- and our plan to drop it at the port city of Sita were nixed with the hefty 120E drop 'fee'.

Our approach to this trip is to be flexible and without too many commitments that may need to be cancelled or changed. . .for all we know the Iceland volcano could blow again and we won't even get there. . .or we may get there and be staying for longer than we had planned.  Fellow blogger, Adrianna Schum, who writes the Symi island blog, (found on the Blog Roll link) told of tourists unable to leave the island and others unable to get there as result of the volcanic-ash airport closures.  

We are not heading to Greece though without having done hours of internet and guidebook research - which we think is half the fun anyway.  We've already 'looked at' a number of hotels in each city we think we might visit and have a good idea of what appeals and what doesn't.

Among our favorite sites are: and Trip Advisor.  (Note:  we know that Trip Advisor has been criticised in some cases for having owners, managers or staff write favorable reviews. We've used it and and found it a good resource). Anyone out there in the cyberworld have another web site recommendation for us?

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