Saturday, January 18, 2014

Hula Babe and Beach Boy Head to Hawaii

Hula Babe and Beach Boy, clad in tee-shirts, shorts and flip-flops, are back in Hawaii!

sweet aloha 004

If you’ve been with us at TravelnWrite for the last few years, you know that this is our tropical season – the time we head to Hawaii -- and that’s our nom de blog while living in the Land of Aloha.  (Hey, if  Ree Drummond can be Pioneer Woman, we certainly qualify as Hula Babe and Beach Boy!)

sweet aloha 008We’ve settled into our Ko Olina timeshare ‘playhouse’ on the island of O’ahu.

It is here we will  be living during the next few weeks.

Lucky for us several friends need temporary quarters while we are here so we have a built-in cadre of house-sitters back in the Northwest.

“But how can you be gone so long?” “Don’t you get homesick?”   So many of our Pacific Northwest friends have asked that I decided yesterday to answer those questions by use of photos:

KirkHono2014 034

This would be the fog-shrouded Seattle Tacoma airport Friday morning as we taxied for takeoff. . .nice view, huh? (It looked like that all over the Puget Sound.)

KirkHono2014 039

It cleared a bit as we flew over the Washington State coastline.

KirkHono2014 040About five hours into the flight, as we were finishing the complimentary MaiTais  . . .

. . .the view out the window improved. . .

Honolulu was coming into view. . .

KirkHono2014 042

And then came Ko Olina and O’ahu’s Barber Point as the plane banked to land at the Honolulu Airport.

KirkHono2014 048

The three tall white buildings and the four lagoons to the center/left of the photo are Marriott’s Beach Club Vacation villas. I am writing this from our condo in that complex. 

This is the view looking out the window here:
KOandSeattle 006

Guess that answers those questions!

While we are here, we hope to make some new island discoveries. . .have any tips for us? Out of the way restaurants? Beaches? Must see or do? Tell us about your favorites in the comment section below or by sending a quick email!

We’ll be ‘booking it’ to the beach next week so do come back to explore some ‘novel destinations'!  And mahalo for your visit today!!!
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  1. As you know I'm a huge fan of Ree Drummond and replicate one recipe of her's a week! This brought back great memories, Jackie. I remember my very first time flying into Honolulu (1994) and the clouds parting and seeing Oahu come into view. Then the plane came in from the north circling around to land. And seeing my first glimpse of Pearl Harbor seconds before we touched down. I was squirming in my window seat with the excitement of a little boy! This was fantastic and thank you for the great memory flashback, Jackie! :)

  2. Mike, I actually thought of you when I wrote Ree's nom de plume. . .I once was green with envy over her popularity. . .I later decided some are destined for fame and others not. So Hula Babe and Beach Boy will continue to romp on the beaches unnoticed. ;-) You have described so well the approach to Honolulu - that magic of seeing it between the feathery (not solid!) cloud.

  3. As a former Washingtonian myself, I link arms with you on this approach to the winter months. :-) I love my Aussie sunshine and beaches and don't miss that fog one bit. :-)

    1. Yes, we are seekers of sunshine and I am happy to report it is here in all its 80-degree glory!

  4. I think the winters in the northwest can be quite depressing if you're in them for long periods of time. More power to you for going to Hawaii and having fun. The one thing I do miss is the early blooming flowers but at least its been warm here in Calgary - above freezing kind of warm.

    1. Yes, when the clouds cover the land for weeks on end and drizzle and drizzle and drizzle. . .it is time to go in search of the sun (at least for some of us as I do know many that 'love' that kind of weather.

  5. You cannot compare apples to oranges, so I won't compare Hawaii to the Pacific Northwest! Your views from your timeshare are breathtaking and I know you are in for a wonderful treat of a stay. In answer to your question...Do you know Noel Morata's blog, ' It is a beautiful website and Noel is an amazingly talented photographer and observer. Please check it out; I think it will be very useful for you!

    Have fun!


  6. Replies
    1. It isn't the same without you two here. We've been to Chuck's a couple of times and have seen several regulars -- you are missed!


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