Deal Finder

    Joel, whose title isThe Scout, because he 'scouts out' the deals, uses any combination of the sites below to do so:
    The guy loves research, must be a carry-over from his legal days.  

General Travel:

We routinely check this site, for deals – flights, hotels, cars, packages. This fall we used it to book a hotel for an overnight stay near the Miami airport.  We got a four-star stay for what would be a three-star price had we booked directly with a hotel.

We subscribe to their Top 20 Travel Deals email and have booked both a cruise and a Honolulu hotel because of the ‘deal’ found on  this site.

 Speads up the search by bringing the results of all those sites above to one place.

We've note used this site to book accommodations but we do refer to user reviews posted here before booking an accommodation. We also contribute reviews to this site.

Half Moon Cay


Vacations To Go:
We’ve booked cruises through this site, and go to it to research cruises. It provides a comprehensive and easy to use look at ships, their deck plans and photos.

Cruise Compete:
We’ve used this site to compare quotes for various cruises we were considering. Since turning to this site we've been quoted very different prices for the same category cabin. We have booked cruises with companies who provided the best quote/cabin quality on this site.

CruCon Cruise Outlet:
We’ve used this New Hampshire company to book cruises and routinely refer to their web site for cruise deals. 

Cruise Critic:
We turn to this site to read reviews – those done by professionals and those done by cruisers. The reviews have provided additional information about ships and routings we were considering.

4 Seasons Resort - Lana'i, Hawaii

Vacation Rental By Owner:
We use the site to research alternatives to hotels both at home and abroad. We go to this site as a resource but book through it only when we are unable to contact the hotel directly.  We have saved many euros booking direct as Booking dot com often is much more expensive for the same category room.

The Mani - Peloponnese
Travel Guides:
 We still like the printed travel book and turn to these two in particular (although both can also be found in electronic and phone formats)

Lonely Planet:

Rick Steves:
 We always read novels set in other countries as secondary sources of information.


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