Mediterranean Lifestyle

The Scribe in Monemvasia

Jackie, The Scribe, is a freelance writer who likes nothing more than inspiring real and armchair travels through her tales. If you like reading her work here,  then don't limit yourself to this blog. 

While in the United States she was a regular contributor to the Travel Section of the Seattle Times. Her work has appeared in U.S. and Canadian on-line magazines.

She is currently a contributing writer to the international magazine, The Mediterranean Lifestyle

Her articles for that magazine have taken readers on an Adriatic Cruise aboard a luxury yacht:

And to the island of Hydra, once home to Leonard Cohen and other bohemian dream seekers, and continues to cast a spell over visitors.

One of their favorite Greek islands, just off the coast of Turkey was highlighted in another of her articles.

You get a sneak peek into her expat world in the Land of Kalamata Olives with the article she wrote on 'her' go-to Peloponnese city, Kalamata.

She took readers on a bit of time travel in an article on The Olympic Games and their origin.  

The theme of ancient Greek history continued in an article highlighting those lesser known but stunning archaeological sites in the southwestern Peloponnese, like Ancient Messini.


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