About Us

The TravelnWrite team in Greece

We are American ex pats. 
We are travelers. 
We are boomers. 
We are creators of  Travelnwrite the blog! 

In Petra, Jordan

TravelnWrite the Blog!

Now approaching two million page views, our blog TravelnWrite is an on-line resource for expat lifestyle and travel information and entertainment. Created to keep family and friends informed of our whereabouts, our readership now spans the globe. We've had readers come from more than 120 countries.

Using a play on words – ‘travel and write’ (what we do) and ‘travelin’ right’ (how we do it) – we hope to inspire you to set forth on your own adventures or entertain you as you explore the world with us from your armchair. 

If you are passionate about travel - the sensory overload it causes, the emotions it stirs, the fortitude it sometimes builds and the doors it opens - our blog is for you.

Passion over Profession

The Scout and The Scribe

Long before we reached U.S. retirement age, we said goodbye to our '8 to 5' desk jobs.

We call ourselves The Scout and The Scribe: Joel scouts out the deals and itineraries and Jackie, a freelance writer, creates the posts here. 

Off the coast of Turkey

Now We Are Ex Pats!

We've had so much fun visiting foreign countries, that we decided to move to one!  After purchasing a home in the Greek Peloponnese a decade ago, we moved here a few years later.  

The Scout in Greece

We decided we'd rather grow olives in Greece than grow old in the United States.  

The Scribe in Greece

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